Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1856 - The previous Eric of the Rose of Death

Chapter 1856 The previous Eric of the Rose of Death

You dare?!” Eleven was instantly enraged.

Si Bayi smiled and lightly said, “I never like to kill people personally.”

As Si Bayi said that, a cold-looking woman slowly walked out from nearby.

“Qin Ruoxi…”

Eleven furrowed his brows upon catching sight of the woman.

“Mr. Eric.”

Qin Ruoxi ignored Eleven and reverently called as she looked at Si Bayi.

“Heh…” Si Bayi chuckled aloofly in response.

“D*mn, weren’t you Eric…? How did he become your eldest brother?”

Big Dipper turned to Eleven in confusion when he heard how Qin Ruoxi addressed Si Bayi.

“Eric isn’t a person’s name…” Eleven explained promptly.

“There are two meanings behind Eric. The first one is the English name ‘Eric’, and the other true meaning is… a leader… Back then, Eldest Brother Si Bayi secretly built a power in China and gave the title of the leader “Eric” to me so that I could operate more conveniently and have the ability to kill Old Nine… That was because I couldn’t mobilize ranked mercenaries in China with my personal name, but the title of Eric the leader could do it…”

“D*mn, so after all this, you weren’t only provoked and deceived by this old man but you were also his puppet… Nice job!” Big Dipper gave Eleven a thumbs up.

“Heh, Eleven, you’re wrong again,” Si Bayi said to Eleven tauntingly. “Aside from having the meaning of ‘leader; Eric has an additional meaning in the Independent State… the Demon of Vengeance…”

“Eric… Eric… Could it be…?” First Elder narrowed his eyes.

Even Third Elder couldn’t help but be surprised.

“What does he mean?” Ye Wanwan asked First Elder with a frown.

Ye Wanwan had always thought Eric was merely the name of a person.

“The Rose of Death…” First Elder whispered to Ye Wanwan extremely quietly.

“The Rose of Death?!”

Ye Wanwan was startled. What did this have to do with the Rose of Death…?

Wasn’t the Rose of Death a fictional character from a novel written by the Nie family? They even sold the copyrights to her…

Ye Wanwan was confused but she couldn’t express it.

“President… You should know about the Rose of Death… the previous Rose of Death’s alias was Eric,” First Elder explained softly, as though he was afraid to violate some taboo.

This freaking Rose of Death title can be inherited?! There’s a predecessor? Is there a first term, second term, and third term too?!

“The Rose of Death… They’re also called the terrifying avengers of the Independent State… Because their power was too immense and affected the balance of the Independent State, the Independent State couldn’t tolerate it anymore… As for the previous Rose of Death… I can’t remember it very clearly, but I think I’m correct… I think they were called Eric. In the Independent State, the previous Rose of Death was called the Demon of Vengeance… so this is what Eric means…” First Elder frowned deeply.

No one in the Independent State would intentionally mention the Rose of Death or tell the truth behind the annihilation of the Rose of Death… Moreover, only a few people knew how the Rose of Death was destroyed.

Ye Wanwan:

So Nameless Nie was spouting nonsense? “A novel he wrote”?! And he even swindled a copyright fee from me?!

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