Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1855 - Kill her of course

Chapter 1855 Kill her of course

“Hahaha…” Si Bayi snorted. “There are truly too many Si descendants drifting on the outside. You don’t exist in the eyes of the ancient Si clan… But Old Nine is different… Forget it, an idiot like you won’t understand.”

You’re just jealous that Old Nine is stronger than you! Because of your jealousy, you mercilessly harmed your brothers! What’s the difference between you and a monster?!” Eleven fumed with rage.

“Jealous?” Si Bayi shook his head. “You can only blame Old Nine for being unlucky. The ancient Si clan cast me out and evicted me from the Independent State, so I’m going to make them regret it. Since they attached such importance to Old Nine, I’ll destroy him and kill him…”

“So you think Si Yehan is inferior to you?” the silent Ye Wanwan suddenly interjected.

Si Bayi instantly turned to Ye Wanwan. “Heh… What, Sister-in-law, do you really think Old Nine is stronger than me…?”

“It’s unimportant whether Ah-Jiu is stronger than you. I’m just curious… Where did you get the confidence that Old Seven and the other brothers had the ability to kill Ah-Jiu?

“Since you yourself knew that Ah-Jiu returned from the Independent State… and they couldn’t compare to Ah-Jiu. Yet, you had Old Seven and the others attack him. Isn’t that too much?” Ye Wanwan asked, meeting his eyes.

Si Bayi shook his head though and mirthfully said, “If it was before that incident happened, my brothers wouldn’t have won, of course. Having them try to kill Old Nine would’ve been a sheer joke.”

“That incident?” Ye Wanwan frowned. What was the incident Si Bayi was referring to…?

“What…? You don’t know?” Si Bayi looked at her in amusement. “Sister-in-law… Old Nine came back from the Independent State solely because of you.”

Everyone was baffled by Si Bayi’s words.

“Hahaha… Don’t you know Old Nine got fatally injured in order to rescue you in the Independent State back then…

“And after you followed Old Nine back to the Si family, you were akin to a dead person and washed your face with your tears every day. In the end, you begged Old Nine to erase all of your memories…

“Old Nine naturally couldn’t bear to see you like that, so he did as you wished…

“If Old Nine wasn’t wounded, it would’ve been impossible to kill him… But because of you, Old Nine got severely wounded and had nearly zero martial strength. My brothers alone would’ve been enough to kill him…

“What a pity though. If Old Seven exposed your impersonation as the Rose of Death, the people from the Murderous Blood Gang would’ve killed Old Nine already… and Old Nine wouldn’t still be alive,” Si Bayi said with a sigh.

Ye Wanwan’s expression became increasingly grave as she listened to Si Bayi.

She had no idea about any of this…

Si Yehan’s body got wounded because he saved her?

Moreover, it was at her request that Si Yehan erased her memory completely… How was that possible…?

However, Si Bayi had no reason to lie. That would be pointless.

“Forget it, enough with the chatter…” Si Bayi smiled at Eleven. “Old Seven, I won’t kill you, so leave…

“However, this is Old Nine’s most beloved woman… So I can perhaps make Old Nine mournful and depressed for a while.”

Si Bayi turned to Ye Wanwan. “In truth, I’m rather curious just who you are… However, there’s no point. In my eyes, you just need to be Old Nine’s most beloved woman.”

“Si Bayi, what are you saying?!” Eleven shouted coldly.

“Heh. I’ll kill her, of course,” Si Bayi replied with a chuckle.

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