Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1854 - Si Wutian

Chapter 1854 Si Wutian

Ye Wanwan imperceptibly surveyed the Eldest Brother Si from far away. She never expected him to be the first prodigy of Si Yehan’s brothers to be chosen by the ancient Si clan and brought to the Independent State to be trained. He concealed himself until now and typically pretended to be innocent, harmless, cowardly and timid in the Si family, but in reality, he was an expert who returned from the Independent State—a person like him was truly terrifying…

“I actually have another name in the Independent State… It’s Si Wutian[l].M A bone-chilling smile spread across Si Bayi’s face as he looked at Eleven and the others.

“Si Wutian? I’ve never heard of it.” Big Dipper scratched his nose.

Seven Star also hadn’t ever heard of some Si Wutian person in the Independent State; he was probably a minor figure. However, First Elder and Third Elder’s expressions shifted.

Seven Star and Big Dipper were still young so they naturally hadn’t heard of Si Wutian, but First Elder and Third Elder weren’t unfamiliar with this name “Si Wutian”…

Back before the Fearless Alliance was founded, Si Wutian was a genius from the ancient Si clan in the Independent State. Later, he was expelled from the ancient Si clan due to his disregard of clan rules. However, Si Wutian proceeded to found the Lawless Gang and continuously recruited defected mercenaries and strengthened its power.

When Bai Feng created the Fearless Alliance later and swept across the Independent State, the Fearless Alliance once had an intense conflict with the Lawless Gang. After Bai Feng disappeared, the Lawless Gang launched a fierce attack on the Fearless Alliance, causing the Fearless Alliance to suffer immense damage, and many of their elites were abducted by the Lawless Gang.

They came to China this time precisely because they caught wind of the Lawless Gang appearing in China, so the President brought them there to look for information about the Lawless Gang and see if they could make any headway.

Based on the information they obtained, the Fearless Alliance elites that were abducted should be in China right now, so they informed their president of this, and the President brought them to China this time not only to finish her Scarlet Flames mission but also to see if they could find the Lawless Gang and rescue those hostages…

Who would’ve expected this man in front of them to be the leader of the Lawless Gang: Si Wutian?

In the Independent State, the Lawless Gang’s leader was very mysterious and never made any public appearances; no one had ever seen Si Wutian. Now it turned out Si Wutian himself was in China and controlled the Lawless Gang from afar…?

“Si Bayi, I don’t know what you’re saying! However, if it’s really as you said and you’re so strong, go seek retribution from Old Nine yourself! Why did you have to harm us brothers?!” Eleven angrily shouted while pointing at him.

Si Bayi smiled and shook his head with a sigh. “Old Seven, I thought you would be cleverer than Old Two and Old Eight since you’ve been living rather well on the outside all these years… Who would’ve expected you to also be an idiot…? Old Nine was trained with a focus by the ancient Si clan, and they called him a supernova! If Old Nine died in my hands, the ancient Si clan wouldn’t spare me… But if Old Nine died in his other brothers’ hands, then… it’d be unrelated to me, no?”

“You b*stard… Did you think the ancient Si clan would spare you for causing our deaths?!” Eleven furiously asked.

If Si Bayi was telling the truth, weren’t he and his brothers also members of the Independent State’s ancient Si clan?

[1] Wutian can mean “lawless.”

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