Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1853 - The Si family’s history

Chapter 1853 The Si family’s history

Si Bayi chuckled as he watched Eleven climb back up. “Truly an idiot… How did you manage to fail to kill Si Yehan… When you hired the Murderous Blood Gang and Si Yehan’s old illness resurged abroad, that was the best opportunity to kill him… You just needed to break Ye Wanwan’s pretense as the Rose of Death, but what a pity that you, an idiot…”

“Si Bayi… You freaking! Could a position as the Si family’s patriarch be more important to you than all of our brothers…?!” Eleven shouted while pointing at him.

Si Bayi smiled dryly and shook his head. “Old Seven, you people are nothing but frogs sitting at the bottom of a well. To me, the Si family is nothing.”

“Then why did you do such heartless things?!” Eleven couldn’t understand Si Bayi at all.

He could understand it if Si Bayi provoked their brothers to kill Si Yehan for the position as the Si family’s patriarch. But Si Bayi was saying the Si family was nothing to him, so why did he do all of this then?!

“Heh, cripples like you naturally have no way of knowing the Si family’s story.” Si Bayi snorted. “Forget it, as the Eldest Brother, I’ll tell you the truth behind the Si family.”

Si Bayi leisurely continued: “In truth, ‘Si’ is an ancient family name, and our branch belongs to the ancient Si clan, but the ancient clan isn’t located in China. The ancient Si clan is located in a place called the Independent State.”

“The ancient Si clan…? The Independent State?!”

Eleven was baffled. What was the ancient Si clan? And what was the Independent State?!

The ancient Si clan is actually a martial arts clan and possesses overwhelming power and strength in the Independent State. But the ancient Si clan has an extremely strict rule: The only descendants who can remain in the ancient Si clan of the Independent State are those who display shocking talent in intelligence or potential for practicing martial arts and meet the standards…

“And our father was kicked out of the ancient Si clan due to his mediocrity. After coming to China, Father founded the Si family and fathered us brothers…

“As for me, my potential met the standard, so I was brought to the Independent State to be trained by the ancient Si clan after I came of age…”

Eleven became increasingly shocked as he listened to Si Bayi’s story. Their Si family possessed this kind of secret?!

“Tsk tsk, unfortunately, I was expelled from the ancient Si clan because I violated the clan’s rules… I had no choice but to establish my own power in the Independent State… However, the ancient Si clan thought I tarnished their reputation, so they kicked me out of the Independent State… After I returned to China, I controlled the power I left behind in the Independent State remotely and accepted a myriad of defected mercenaries… I was willing to do anything that could strengthen myself because I wanted to make those old geezers of the ancient Si clan regretful! I wanted to show them that expelling me out of the ancient Si clan and kicking me out of the Independent State was the worst decision they’d ever made… However, what I couldn’t understand was why Old Nine was chosen many years later and was brought to the Independent State! He was even emphatically trained by the ancient Si clan!”

A frighteningly chilly glint sparked in Si Bayi’s eyes when he reached this point in the tale. “Tell me, Old Seven. Why?

I’m the eldest brother… I’m stronger and smarter than any of you… But I was kicked out of the Independent State while Old Nine was trained with emphasis! Tell me—doesn’t he deserve to die?!”

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