Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1852 - You’re all idiots

Chapter 1852 You’re all idiots

Si Bayi was still grinning as he looked at Ye Wanwan and chuckled. “Sister-in-law, this is our family business, so why are

you sticking your nose into it?”

Eleven’s eyes coldly glinted, and he intently stared at Si Bayi, frostily asking, “Eldest Brother… Si Bayi…I never told you

Lin Yun passed away back then, so how did you know?”

Si Bayi chuckled. “Old Seven, that’s unimportant. I don’t think there’s any reason for you to engage in such unpleasantry with your brother for a woman, right?”

Eleven’s expression was foreboding. “It’s you… You killed Lin Yun!”

“Me?” Si Bayi started briefly and pointed at himself before shaking his head. “Of course it wasn’t me who killed your girlfriend… It was the people I sent who killed her.”

“Si Bayi… you freaking b*stard!” Eleven became extremely enraged. He couldn’t accept that his eldest brother, this seemingly most harmless, cowardly, and timid brother out of all the nine brothers of the Si family, would be the one who killed his girlfriend and framed their Ninth Brother, Si Yehan!

“Heh…” Si Baiyi didn’t get angry at Eleven’s loss of composure and smiled instead. “Old Seven, I’m your eldest brother after all. It was just a woman—you can have as many as you want… Don’t tell me you’re going to fall out with me, your eldest brother, for a woman.”

“You and your bullsh*t!” Eleven’s expression couldn’t be any darker as he looked at Si Bayi. “Si Bayi… For the mere position of the Si family’s patriarch, you had no scruples against killing my girlfriend and framing Old Nine for it… Do you still remember we’re brothers? Are you a person?!”

Si Bayi remained unperturbed and picked up some bird food with his fingers and fed it to the birds next to him.

The truth became clear.

“All of the Si brothers… Old Two, Old Three… Old Four, Old Five… even Old Eight… It was because of you sowing dissension with them that they ruined their lives!” Eleven rebuked him harshly.

“Heh, Old Seven… You can’t describe things like that. I didn’t press a knife against their necks and order them to kill Si Yehan, right? It was because they themselves were greedy, and I merely made them confront their greed… You’re different, though. You’ve been conducting business outside these years and the wealth and power you possess aren’t lesser to that of the Si family… Hence, a simple position as the Si family patriarch couldn’t tempt you at all… Your weakness was your girlfriend, Lin Yun. It was only by killing Lin Yun and telling you that Si Yehan was the culprit would you want to kill Si Yehan. It was you who exposed your weakness, so you can’t blame Eldest Brother for it,” Si Bayi said.

“Si Bayi… I want you dead!”

After learning that Lin Yun died in Si Bayi’s hands, Eleven couldn’t control his emotions anymore and picked up a brick from the ground before tossing it toward Si Bayi’s head.

“Idiot.” Si Bayi glanced at Eleven and lightly raised his right arm.

A second later, Eleven flew into the air and was struck back several meters.

After Eleven crashed to the ground, he swiftly got back up, but his face was pale and a rivulet of scarlet was dripping from his mouth.

Seven Star and Big Dipper met each other’s eyes, and even First Elder and Third Elder turned to Si Bayi in surprise. There was actually an expert like this in China…?

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