Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1851 - Who“s the mastermind?

Chapter 1851 Who“s the mastermind?

“Master… I found Eldest Brother’s address. Do you want to come with me?”

Since Si Bayi dragged Ye Wanwan into the matter, Eleven wanted Ye Wanwan to go with him.

Ye Wanwan considered it for a moment before finally nodding. “Alright, let’s go together to see.”

Ye Wanwan brought Big Dipper, Seven Star, First Elder, and Third Elder with her and had Eleven lead the car.

On their way to Si Bayi’s residence, Ye Wanwan ordered many Fearless Alliance elites to follow to prevent any unexpected circumstances.

Si Bayi’s persona in the Si family had always been like this: he enjoyed sowing dissension. More than that, Si Bayi never hid this trait and made everyone aware of it. It appeared Eleven’s matter was caused Si Bayi’s provocation this time too, but Ye Wanwan kept feeling unsettled.

A while later, they arrived at a manor located in an extremely remote suburb of Imperial City.

They parked the car near the manor before entering.

Inside the manor, birdsong and fragrant flowers permeated the senses, and farmland, planted with a myriad of vegetables and fruit trees, filled their sight.

As soon as they entered the manor, they saw Si Bayi, the eldest son of the Si family, watering the fields in a white, Chinese-style outfit.

“Si Bayi!” Eleven angrily shouted as soon as he saw the man.

Si Bayi placed down the objects in his hands and looked toward them in confusion.

“Old Seven… And Sister-in-law… Why are you here?” Si Bayi swiftly walked toward them at once.

Si Bayi also carried several chairs over and had everyone sit.

He wiped the sweat from his forehead before asking, “How did you find me…?”

“Heh… Isn’t it easy to find you, Eldest Brother?” Eleven mocked.

“Eldest Brother, where’s Si Xia?” Ye Wanwan asked Si Bayi.

During this whole trip, Ye Wanwan hadn’t seen Si Xia once.

“That guy is really unruly; who knows where he went off to go wild? This home to him is nothing but an inn. He’ll come and go as he pleases,” Si Bayi answered genially.

“Eldest Brother, let’s not waste our words… You previously told me that Old Nine was hunting me and that my girlfriend, Lin Yun, also died in his hands. Didn’t you?” Eleven asked him.

Si Bayi’s expression shifted slightly, and he frowned. “Old Seven, those were just my guesses and analyses. I don’t have any concrete evidence…”

“What did you say?!” Eleven turned furious and grabbed Si Bayi by his lapels.

“Now you’re telling me it’s your guesses and analyses…? Did you know that because of your bullsh*t, you nearly caused me and Old Nine to harm each other?!”

“Haha, Old Seven, I said Old Two and Old Eight both died in Si Yehan’s hands. That’s correct, right… So it’s logical that he also wants to kill you.” Si Bayi remained unruffled.

“You can eat carelessly, but you can’t talk carelessly!” Eleven pointed at Si Bayi. “You really aren’t qualified to be the eldest brother!”

“Hold on…”

Ye Wanwan suddenly interjected and pensively studied Si Bayi.

“Hold on?” Eleven furrowed his brows.

“Eleven, did you tell Eldest Brother about your girlfriend passing away?” Ye Wanwan asked.

Eleven shook his head. “I didn’t. It was Eldest Brother who found me and told me… it was Si Yehan who did it.”

The second Eleven finished speaking, his expression changed as he instantly understood Ye Wanwan’s implicit meaning.

He never told Eldest Brother about Lin Yun passing away, so how did Eldest Brother know about it… and found him and told him it was Si Yehan who did it?!

Ye Wanwan’s eyes narrowed at the seemingly harmless Eldest Brother of the Si family, Si Bayi.

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