Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1850 - Old grievances dispelled

Chapter 1850 Old grievances dispelled

Eleven wasn’t stupid. After a moment of contemplation, his expression shifted. “Si Bayi?!”

“Where’s Eldest Brother?” Lin Que asked curiously.

Eleven shook his head with a frown. Eldest Brother left the Si residence a long time ago and didn’t inform him of his destination…

“It’s just as I’ve been telling you, Seventh Brother, anything that comes out of Eldest Brother’s mouth is nonsense and more nonsense… Think about it—Si Bayi is the eldest son of the Si family but the position of Patriarch Si got ‘usurped* by Ninth Brother, so how could he be happy about it? And he himself isn’t capable at much; his strength is his ability to drive a wedge between people,” Lin Que explained exasperatedly.

“Then why didn’t you kill Eldest Brother?” Eleven asked.

“Kill Si Bayi?” Lin Que pursed his lips. “Seventh Brother, the things you say. Ninth Brother can’t kill Eldest Brother just because he likes to sow dissension when he himself hasn’t done anything out of line, right?”

“So… you’re saying I was deceived by Eldest Brother…?” A cold glint flashed through Eleven’s eyes.

“Isn’t that obvious?” Ye Wanwan retorted.

Upon seeing the misunderstanding resolved, Si Yehan slowly stood up and said to Eleven, “Old Seven, I’ll leave the Si family to you from now on.”

“Old Nine… I… But in the end, you still killed Old Eight…” Eleven gritted his teeth.

Si Yehan expressionlessly replied, “He wanted to kill me. I gave him too many chances, but it was all futile.”

“Is that so…” Eleven murmured softly.

If it was really as Si Yehan said, then Eighth Brother did deserve to die. The true kin-slayer wasn’t Si Yehan; it was Eighth Brother… Si Yehan was merely forced…

“Old Seven, take good care of Grandmother… The Si family will rely on you from now on.” After saying that, Si Yehan looked at Ye Wanwan and asked, “Do you still remember our promise?”

Ye Wanwan sardonically looked at Si Yehan. “I know. I’ll stay in China and obediently wait for you to return.”


A trace of gentleness tinged Si Yehan’s eyes, but he led Lin Que and his other men away a moment later. As for the mess that was the Si family higher-ups, he tossed them all to the still-dazed Eleven.

After Si Yehan was completely gone, Big Dipper incredulously turned to Ye Wanwan. “Sis F—Wanwan, no way, right? Are we really going to remain in China…? My mom’s still in the hospital. I can’t abandon my mom…”

Ye Wanwan rolled her eyes at him. Did this guy have the brains of a pig? They still had so many things to resolve in the Independent State, so how could they remain in China forever?

“M-master…” Eleven’s gaze landed on Ye Wanwan. “My apologies…”

Ye Wanwan smiled at him. “Since you’ve acknowledged me as master, what’s there to apologize for? You were also deceived by Eldest Brother.”

“I know Eldest Brother is still in China! I’ll definitely find him…” Eleven fumed with rage between gritted teeth. He would make Si Bayi pay for his wretched mouth!

Ye Wanwan didn’t linger in the Si residence. Eleven would probably do a complete clean up of the Si family after Si Yehan’s departure, and that had nothing to do with her.

Three days later, at the branch office of Stars Entertainment:

Eleven paid a visit.

“Say, why do you keep haunting us?” Big Dipper looked at Eleven inside the office disdainfully.

“I came here to find my master, so shut up,” Eleven irritatedly rebuked.

“Teh.” Big Dipper pursed his lips and ignored him.

“What is it?” Ye Wanwan asked, looking at Eleven.

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