Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1863 - Audacious and shameless

Chapter 1863: Audacious and shameless

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Ye Wanwan’s lips curled into an icy smirk when she saw Si Bayi looking at her with malice in his eyes.

She had made several plans on the way to Si Bayi’s manor, so everything was under her control.

“Aren’t you too shameless…? You actually called the police…?” Si Bayi fumed with rage between gritted teeth.

Si Bayi never would’ve expected Ye Wanwan to do something this audacious and shameless as the president of the Independent State’s Fearless Alliance! She had utterly disgraced the Independent State!

As residents of the Independent State, any disputes or conflict was resolved with their martial strength. Who would call the police?! This was a humiliation to both sides, and one would rather die than do something so shameful!

Si Bayi never even had the notion to call the police or expected Ye Wanwan to do something like this.

“Si Bayi… I didn’t expect you to be this kind of person… You actually privately possessed so many firearms… I misjudged you…” Ye Wanwan said with a sigh.

“Police officers, I have something to say! This woman buried a lot of time bombs under my manor!” Si Bayi shouted to the police officer near him.

Since Ye Wanwan called the police, then they would all die together. He wasn’t the only one who violated China’s laws. Many officers were startled. There were also time bombs at this manor?!

“Don’t listen to his nonsense… If you don’t believe it, you can verify it for yourselves!” Ye Wanwan refuted.

Si Bayi frowned deeply at Ye Wanwan’s uncaring expression. Could it be that there weren’t any supposed time bombs in his manor…? Was Ye Wanwan just intentionally trying to scare him earlier…?

Since Si Bayi’s words were too serious, the police officers didn’t dare to be careless and immediately called for the Explosive Department to conduct a search.

However, after the manor was searched inside out, they didn’t find any traces of the time bombs Si Bayi mentioned.


Si Bayi wanted nothing more than to skin Ye Wanwan alive… I got played by her!

How did this kind of shameless person survive in the Independent State?!

“What? I’m a law-abiding citizen. We’re different,” Ye Wanwan said expressionlessly.

“Law-abiding…” Si Bayi was incensed. “You’re simply contemptible and shameless… You don’t deserve to be a resident of the Independent State… So shameless…”

Even if Si Bayi didn’t defeat the Fearless Alliance today or died in battle, he never would’ve sought help from the Chinese police… This was a matter of principle!

He wasn’t the only one. None of the factions from the Independent State would do something like this if they traveled to another country. If news of it got back to the Independent State, where would they put their face?!

A second later, Si Bayi turned to Third Elder and the others.

“Why are you looking at me…? Why does it have to do with me… I wasn’t the one who called the police… Don’t talk carelessly.” Third Elder glanced at Si Bayi with a tinge of guilt.

No one in the Independent State had any concept of calling the police.

To them, this type of conflict abroad was akin to a fight between two children who called their parents because they couldn’t beat the other child… It was simply…

First Elder cut in: “Well… You did possess firearms illegally… so you did commit a crime… We didn’t make you commit any crimes, so you brought it upon yourself… and it’s unrelated to anyone.”

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