Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1842 - Is there some kind of misunderstanding?

Chapter 1842 Is there some kind of misunderstanding?

Ye Wanwan’s lips twitched. She originally played into the plan to come to the Si residence to find Eric and discover what kind of person he was and his objective… Who would’ve expected she’d get such a good show… She never would’ve expected Eleven to be Eric and now this Eric turned out to be the seventh son of the Si family, Si Yehan’s seventh elder brother!

During her time in China, Ye Wanwan frequently pacified Si Yehan and had heard him mention stories related to his brothers in the Si family.

Every single one of the brothers who died in Si Yehan’s hands wanted his life. He originally didn’t plan to attack them since they were brothers, after all, even if they were half-brothers from different mothers…

However, those brothers considered Si Yehan their mortal enemy and didn’t appreciate or accept his continual merciful leniency. In the end, they crossed Si Yehan’s bottom line, leading to him painfully make the decision to eliminate them.

The only sibling left aside from the eldest brother was the seventh brother, but Ye Wanwan had never heard Si Yehan mention his seventh brother…

Although Xu Yi didn’t really want to believe that this man before him was Seventh Master Si, he carefully considered it and Eric didn’t seem to have any reason to deceive them. Eric now gained complete control over the Si family, and judging from the attitudes of Qin Ruoxi and the Si family higher-ups, the power behind him was also frighteningly immense, so there was no reason for him to impersonate Seventh Master Si.

Xu Yi wasn’t willing to admit it, but he knew very well that this person was Seventh Master Si indeed…

“Seventh Master… Is there some misunderstanding here? Ninth Master never mentioned attacking you,” Xu Yi hastily tried to explain.

“Heh… Is that so?” Eleven’s lips turned up into an icy smile. “Xu Yi—Steward Xu—do you think I would believe you?” “But Ninth Master really didn’t say anything about attacking you…” Xu Yi persisted.

“Forget it… All of this is meaningless now…” Eleven snorted. “We can ignore the other brothers… But why did Si Yehan kill Eighth Brother…? Eighth Brother died in his hands.”

At the mention of his eighth younger brother, a frighteningly chilly glint flashed in Eleven’s eyes.

When Eleven was young, there was a time where he and his eighth brother depended on each other overseas, so they were no different from full brothers despite being half-brothers.

Eleven couldn’t understand why Si Yehan would kill Eighth Brother for the mere position as patriarch… His eighth brother.

“Seventh Master… It really isn’t what you think. Ninth Master gave them a profuse amount of chances, but they teamed up to create a method to kill Ninth Master, so Ninth Master had no choice…” Xu Yi sighed.

“Shut up!” Eleven shouted harshly. “I don’t care about the others, but Eighth Brother had zero interest in the position as the Si family’s patriarch… nor would he have harmed Old Nine… All of this was because Old Nine wanted to eliminate all obstacles…”

“Eleven, Si Yehan isn’t that kind of person,” Ye Wanwan butted in, looking at him.

Both Ye Wanwan and Si Yehan were in China still, so Ye Wanwan knew quite a lot about this matter.

“Oh… so you’re saying Eldest Brother would lie to me?” Eleven coldly looked at her.

At the mention of the Si family’s eldest brother, Xu Yi shook his head helplessly.

The eldest brother of the Si family might look innocent and harmless on the surface, but he, along with his son Si Xia, secretly hated Si Yehan immensely.

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