Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1841 - 1841 Seventh Master of the Si family

1841 Seventh Master of the Si family

Ye Wanwan paused. Not every brother died in Si Yehan’s hands… Aside from Si Xia’s father, there was one brother alive still …

The Si family’s Seventh Brother…

The Seventh Brother of the Si family that had never appeared…

“You are… the Seventh Master of the Si family?!” Xu Yi looked at Eleven in shock.

“Heh… Aside from eldest brother, only I, Old Seven, am left, no?” The corners of Eleven’s lips turned up.

“D*mn… what the heck are they talking about? Why can’t I understand anything at all?” Big Dipper turned to Seven Star.

Seven Star glanced at him. These were Sis Feng’s connections during her years in China, so how could they understand? He just needed to silently watch the show like First Elder and Third Elder.

“H-how… how’s this possible? You’re actually Seventh Master…” Xu Yi looked at Eleven in disbelief.

There were a total of nine brothers in the Si family. Si Yehan was ranked ninth and had eight brothers above him.

Aside from the eldest brother, the second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth, and eighth brother all died in Si Yehan’s hands. Only the seventh brother remained overseas and never returned.

Xu Yi clearly remembered how the previous patriarch rather favored the Seventh Master Si and planned to pass down the position as the Si family’s patriarch to him. However, Seventh Master was greatly drawn to being a businessman and was very independent, and he rarely returned. When Seventh Master was young, he went overseas to follow and learn from some famous businessmen…

In the Si family, the seventh, eighth and ninth brother had a very good relationship despite being half-brothers from different mothers…

However, in Xu Yi’s memory, Seventh Master was very gentle and possessed the air of an ancient scholar. This version of Eleven before him wasn’t the slightest bit similar to that Seventh Master.

“Wait… When Sir was still alive many years ago, I saw Seventh Master once when he visited… Your appearance is greatly different from Seventh Master’s appearance!” Xu Yi questioned suspiciously.

“Heh… You’re right.” Eleven pulled out an aged photo from his pocket.

There was a young youth in the photo, around 14 or 15 years old.

“If it weren’t for Si Yehan, I wouldn’t have needed to change my face to this, am I right?” Eleven mocked him as he pocketed the photo.

“Plastic surgery…”

Xu Yi furrowed his brows. He couldn’t understand why Seventh Master changed his looks and how that was related to Ninth Master…

“What does this have to do with Ninth Master…? Before Ninth Master disappeared, he kept searching for news of you…’ Xu Yi asked.

“Of course he did. Of course he wanted to find information about me. That Ninth Brother of mine wanted to find me… then kill me, right?” Eleven retorted with a faint smile.


Xu Yi was dumbfounded. What was going on…? Ninth Master had a good relationship with Seventh Master and never had any intention of killing Seventh Master. Moreover, why would Ninth Master want to kill Seventh Master?

Additionally, Ninth Master always missed Seventh Master and frequently mentioned Seventh Master to him, so there was no way Ninth Master wanted to kill Seventh Master!

“Aside from Eldest Brother and I, all the brothers died in Old Nine’s hands. Heh… With Eldest Brother’s personality, he wouldn’t threaten Old Nine’s position at all… So as long as I died, he could rest easy… I understand that intelligent ninth brother of mine the best,” Eleven said with a chuckle.

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