Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1843 - Old Seven, are you looking for me?

1843 Old Seven, are you looking for me?

If it was the eldest brother who told all of this to Seventh Master, then Xu Yi didn’t doubt anything.

“Seventh Master, if it was really as you thought, why would Eldest Master and Si Xia still be alive today? They would’ve been eliminated by Ninth Master a long time ago…” Xu Yi said.

Ye Wanwan examined Eleven and couldn’t help but laugh inwardly. This Seventh Master Si was a bit complicated indeed.

He had an extremely good relationship with Si Yehan and his eighth brother when he was young, but his eldest brother secretly drove a wedge between him and Si Yehan and told him that Si Yehan was looking everywhere for him because Si Yehan wanted to kill him and resolve the problem at its roots… With no other option, Eleven was forced to undergo plastic surgery and sneak into the Si family.

To Eleven, the most dangerous place was also the safest place for him. By infiltrating the Si family after his plastic surgery and becoming a hidden guard, Si Yehan would never be able to find him and never imagine his seventh brother to be Eleven…

Moreover, to Ye Wanwan, Eleven did hold a bone-deep hatred toward Si Yehan or else he wouldn’t have had Murderous Blood Gang try to assassinate Si Yehan. However, this seventh brother was also oddly conflicted. Eleven wanted Si Yehan’s life but also didn’t truly want Si Yehan to die since he was his youngest brother after all.

Back then, they accompanied Si Yehan overseas and Si Yehan got seriously sick and lost consciousness. Murderous Blood Gang took advantage of this to attack and wanted to kill Si Yehan…

And these people were hired by Eleven… Hence, if Eleven really wanted Si Yehan to die, he could’ve stood up and exposed Ye Wanwan’s pretense as the Rose of Death. However, he didn’t and cooperated with the act perfectly.

“So should I call you Seventh Brother or Eleven?” Ye Wanwan asked him expressionlessly.

“Heh… It’s just a name, so do whatever you want.” Eleven chuckled.

“Eleven, your heart is rather conflicted.” Ye Wanwan smiled faintly. “On one hand, you hate Si Yehan to the bones and want to skin him alive, but on the other hand, you’re incredibly worried whenever Si Yehan encounters danger… and don’t want him to die. In truth, when we were abroad and I pretended to be the Rose of Death, you could’ve exposed me to the people from Murderous Blood Gang if you really wanted Si Yehan to die, but you didn’t… You still care about your brother, Si Yehan, am I right?” Ye Wanwan asked.

“Care about his life?”

Eleven snorted. “Master… Aren’t you overthinking… I really do want Si Yehan to die… but I want him to die painfully.

When we were abroad, Si Yehan was seriously ill and unconscious, so there wasn’t much point in him dying like that. And what fun would there be in it for me?”

“Oh?” Ye Wanwan looked at him strangely. “But didn’t you just say Si Yehan was your brother, after all, so you didn’t want him to die? Why did your opinion change again?”

Ye Wanwan’s words caused Eleven to frown deeply.

Ye Wanwan had seen through this seventh son of the Si family by now. His heart was incredibly conflicted and even if he felt a tinge of familial feelings toward Si Yehan, he would never admit it verbally. However, an observer could pick up on his feelings from the things he did.

“Master, enough with the chit chat. Tell me: Where is Si Yehan?” Eleven looked at Ye Wanwan.

Ye Wanwan shrugged. “Sorry, my good disciple. I really don’t know where your adorable brother is. If you find him, do tell me.”

“Old Seven, are you looking for me?”

Before Ye Wanwan could continue, an incredibly familiar voice penetrated the room…

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