Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1834 - See what kind of trick they’re playing

Chapter 1834 See what kind of trick they’re playing

Big Dipper steadied himself and gave Third Elder a thumbs up. “I can tell you’re an experienced driver, Third Elder!”

A dozen or so men exited from the small truck in front of them and marched toward them, surrounding their car.

“D*mn! What do they want? Are all the drivers so violent here and want to start fighting without a word?” Big Dipper looked at the dozen people in front of them, bewildered. “In this place, drivers bring fighters with them…? Aren’t the drivers here too vicious?!”

Seven Star glanced at Big Dipper. “They’re obviously here to look for trouble.”

“Look for trouble?!” Big Dipper jolted fiercely, and his expression shifted. “It’s always been us who looked for trouble; I’ve never run into someone who came to seek trouble! If I don’t beat them to sh*t today, my name isn’t Big Dipper!”

Big Dipper went to open the door and go out but was stopped by Ye Wanwan.

Ye Wanwan saw two familiar faces amongst that group of men. If she was right, these people were most likely the Si family’s hidden guards.


A second later, the car doors were opened by the men in black’s leader, a middle-aged man.

“Come out,” the man ordered aloofly as he glanced at Ye Wanwan.

Ye Wanwan’s lips turned up with a bone-chilling smirk.

How interesting.

When she first returned to China from the Independent State, she planned to uproot the entire Si family, but since Si Yehan came back, she thought Si Yehan could take care of it himself, so she didn’t do anything.

Now though, Si Yehan probably fled back to the Independent State and hadn’t gotten involved with the Si family…

She didn’t provoke the higher-ups from the Si family, but they delivered themselves to her doorstep.

“Where did you freaking come from? Do you know who I am?!” Big Dipper’s temper erupted instantly.

“I’ll say it again—all of you, get out.” Impatience surfaced in the leader’s eyes.

Before Big Dipper could respond, Ye Wanwan walked out.

Big Dipper and Seven Star hastily followed her out.

“Get in.”

The men quickly stuffed Ye Wanwan and her group into the truck.

Big Dipper was dumbfounded by Ye Wanwan’s complete lack of resistance. What was she doing…?

Since Sis Feng didn’t attack… should he attack…? Why shouldn’t he attack though?! But if he attacked without Sis Feng’s orders… This was freaking the biggest dilemma of the century!

And so, in the midst of his inner turmoil, the conflicted Big Dipper was stuffed into the back of the truck as well.

Inside the pitch-black trunk, they could feel the truck moving rapidly.

“Sis Feng, why didn’t we fight them?!” Big Dipper was bewildered. He was the tyrant of the Independent State, Big Dipper, so how could he get abducted and stuffed inside the trunk of a truck by a group of trash?!

If word of this freaking got back to the Independent State, how could he live from now on?! What would happen to his reputation in the Independent State?

“Sis Feng must’ve had her reasons for not attacking,” Seven Star replied.

“What reason could there be… This is too humiliating! After this humiliating event, it’ll be very hard for me to face my mom, who’s accepting treatment at the hospital after her car accident.”

Seven Star:”…”

Ye Wanwan: “…”

First Elder:”…”

Third Elder:”…”

“No need to act rashly. These people were targeting me, so just act according to my plan,” Ye Wanwan instructed. She’d like to see what kind of game the Si family higher-ups were playing.

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