Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1833 - Experienced driver 

Chapter 1833 Experienced driver 

However, the Independent State was truly too dangerous.

Moreover, she was born and raised in the Independent State, so despite her memory being masked, if she stayed in the Independent State for a long time, the people and things she came in contact with would inevitably cause her to remember. He absolutely wouldn’t allow her to remember the past—that torturous memory and past were truly too cruel for her.

“However, Ninth Brother, by making a public appearance as Si Yehan, you must’ve alerted the Si family, right?” Lin Que turned to look at Si Yehan after a long while.

Yes,” Si Yehan replied.

“So I’m thinking… Will those higher-ups of the Si family think you came back to grapple for control over the Si family again after seeing your return? They might not dare to attack you, but I think they might abduct Ninth Sister and use her to threaten you,” Lin Que said after a moment of thought. This possibility was too great; he would do it if it was him. After all, Si Yehan continued to say Ye Wanwan was his most beloved woman, so it would be the smartest option to use Si Yehan’s most beloved woman to threaten and even control him.

“Before I left, I left people behind to monitor the Si family,” Si Yehan responded aloofly.

Si Yehan might not bear many attachments toward the Si family, but Grandmother was there still.

However, he didn’t want to act against the Si family, so he left some elite members of Asura standing guard near the Si residence to guarantee Grandmother’s safety before he left.

If those higher-ups of the Si family intended to do anything nefarious toward Grandmother, they would be annihilated.

“Alright… You’re prudent and thoughtful, Ninth Brother. This way, it’d be pretty impossible even if they wanted to harm Ninth Sister… However, speaking of which, Ninth Sister is the president of the Fearless Alliance now. If those fools from the Si family dared to harm Ninth Sister in any way, the people under her would wipe out the entire Si family before those elites from Asura need to act. Haha, I hope those fools won’t do anything idiotic.”

At the same time, Ye Wanwan and Big Dipper, Seven Star, First Elder, and Third Elder left Stars Entertainment and prepared to drive back to Golden Seas.

“Sis Feng, Fu Mingxi, that punk, was screaming about wanting to hang himself and commit suicide to sacrifice himself for love, but I managed to stop him. What should we do about him?” Big Dipper said to Ye Wanwan in the car.

“…”Hang himself and commit suicide…

“Oh right, Fu Mingxi also threatened that he’d exterminate the Si family… and would kill whoever tried to steal you from him… Ah, he’s beyond any cure.” Big Dipper sighed.

Second Elder’s grandson was truly an expert. Not only did he have a glass heart but he was also a shameless thing. Even Big Dipper was scared of him.

“It appears Fu Mingxi inherited his grandpa’s fine tradition of shamelessness,” First Elder ridiculed from the shotgun seat.

All the elders of the Fearless Alliance had this kind of relationship. Anyone would want to hit a person who was down whenever the chance arose, and Ye Wanwan had long since gotten used to this.

Before Ye Wanwan could say anything, the driver, Third Elder, suddenly slammed on the brakes. Big Dipper, who was sitting on the rightmost seat, lost his balance and nearly flew out of the car but thankfully, the car door was sturdy enough.

“What kind of driving is this? Which driving school did you graduate from? You and your motherf*cking driving—I’m gonna stomp the gas and kill you!” Third Elder rolled down the window and angrily shouted at the small truck that blocked their path ahead.

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