Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1832 - Bring the ring back

Chapter 1832 Bring the ring back

Soon, Ye Wanwan also left and returned to Stars Entertainment’s branch office.

After greeting Zhou Tao and the others, Ye Wanwan sat in the office and inspected the ring that Si Yehan gave to her.

Ye Wanwan played with the ring in her hand. Whether it was the material or the workmanship, it was very unusual, and there was an extremely inconspicuous stalk of weed engraved on the inside of the ring.

Si Yehan said this ring belonged to her, which was probably the truth. There was no point for him to pull out a ring to deceive her.

Aside from knowing she was the owner of this ring, he was clueless about its symbol, use, and everything else.

Minutes later, Ye Wanwan put the ring on her finger.

Perhaps it was just a normal ring that she wore before she lost her memory and there wasn’t anything worth studying. Ye Wanwan didn’t pay it too much heed.

At the same time, at some location in Imperial City:

A middle-aged man dialed a number.

“I’ve discovered the whereabouts of the ring,” the middle-aged man said into the phone.

A cool voice came from the other end. “Is that so…”

“I didn’t expect that ring was in Lord Asura’s possession all along… However, Lord Asura has returned the ring to her, and it appears both of them don’t know the ring’s use.”

The other speaker was silent for a long time before they said, “Bring the ring back.”

“Understood.” The middle-aged man hung up after receiving the order.

On the other hand, at the Si residence:

Qin Ruoxi’s expression was dark as she read the news that blazed through the internet.

She originally thought Si Yehan was dead already… but to her surprise, he appeared in China again fine and well…

Si Yehan went missing for so long, and the current Si family was now the domain of her, Qin Ruoxi, so why did Si Yehan have to return at this time?! However, even if Si Yehan was back, he shouldn’t delusionally think about regaining control over the Si family!

However, if Si Yehan really wanted to return to the Si family and seize control over the Si family again, it wouldn’t be an easy matter.

“Bring that woman here.”

Qin Ruoxi turned to the captain of the hidden guards standing to the side and made the order a moment later.

The young man nodded and turned to leave.

At that moment, Si Yehan and Lin Que were sitting in the private room of a coffee house with extremely high privacy and drinking the coffee that had just been served.

“Say, Ninth Brother, will that ugly freak—um, I mean, Ninth Sister, believe you…?” Lin Que asked after taking a sip of coffee and looked at the expressionless Si Yehan.

Si Yehan glanced at Lin Que, his unfathomable eyes serene without a single ripple. “I don’t know.”

“What…” Lin Que nearly spat out the coffee he just drank. Si Yehan actually had no idea whether the story they took so much time fabricating was enough to scare Ye Wanwan.

“It should be fine.” Si Yehan sounded apathetic.

Lin Que thought about it for a moment before nodding. He said, “That’s true… What you said was nearly perfect without any holes, Ninth Brother, so that ugly freak, I mean, Ninth Sister, must think you and Lord Asura are two different people. This way, Ninth Sister will definitely wait for you in China and won’t head to the Independent State again.”

An indescribable emotion surfaced in Si Yehan’s eyes. If Ye Wanwan was in the Independent State, he would be able to see her any time.

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