Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1831 - Reveal a flaw 

Chapter 1831 Reveal a flaw 

If this ring remained with him and something went amiss, he might not have the chance to personally return it to her.

Before Ye Wanwan could say anything else, Si Yehan answered a call and seemed a bit “nervous.”

When Si Yehan hung up, he looked at her intently with his unfathomable eyes. “Wait for me in China… I will come back very soon.”

“Okay, I’ll wait for you in China,” Ye Wanwan said with great compliance.

Then Si Yehan stood up and left, disappearing without a trace in a few breaths.

The corners of Ye Wanwan’s mouth turned up with an inexplicable smile as she watched Si Yehan leaving. It had to be said that Si Yehan’s acting skills truly bulldozed the majority of the Best Actor winners; even she almost got fooled by him.

All of Si Yehan’s excuses were perfect and flawless, and nobody could discover a hole in them… Ye Wanwan herself believed him—almost.

However, Si Yehan did slip and lost to Ye Wanwan’s incredibly careless question.

It might’ve looked like Ye Wanwan was just offhandedly asking Si Yehan if he knew Lord Asura, but his answer was very interesting.

“I don’t know him… but I’ve heard of him.”

Si Yehan neglected an extremely unremarkable detail.

Where did Lord Asura come from? The Independent State.

But Si Yehan shouldn’t have known she went to the Independent State at all. When she said Lord Asura’s name though, Si Yehan didn’t react abnormally and answered without missing a beat.

If Si Yehan supposedly didn’t know she visited the Independent State, why wasn’t he surprised when she said Lord Asura’s name?

In other words, Si Yehan knew she was in the Independent State prior to this or else he wouldn’t have reacted that way.

Still, Ye Wanwan admired Si Yehan very much. Si Yehan’s logic was meticulous and it was difficult to find flaws, but Si Yehan ended up letting something slip in some seemingly unimportant small talk.

What was more unfortunate was that Si Yehan didn’t know Ye Wanwan discovered that she was Worriless Nie from the Nie family.

Si Yehan said they were hunted by the ancient Si clan because he married an outsider.

However, Ye Wanwan was Worriless Nie to begin with, the daughter of the Nie family, one of the Independent State’s four great clans—not the outsider that Si Yehan claimed she was.

She learned too many things during her time in the Independent State, but Si Yehan didn’t know this. In Si Yehan’s mind, she was clueless, so he regrettably miscalculated.

The second Si Yehan decided to use this excuse, he exposed himself.

Ye Wanwan also knew that everything Si Yehan said just now was probably false too.

The fact that she was his wife before her memory was erased and how the ancient Si clan hunted down her and Si Yehan—it was all bogus.

If she really got married to Si Yehan, the Independent State would’ve definitely had information about this. Also, she was Worriless Nie, a resident of the Independent State, not the outsider that Si Yehan claimed she was. Hence, the ancient Si clan should’ve been joyous about a marriage between the Nie family and the ancient Si clan, so why would they hunt her and Si Yehan down?

As for how Si Yehan urged her to wait for him in China before he left, that was the only real part.

Ye Wanwan was certain that Si Yehan was Lord Asura. Lord Asura reclaimed his identity as Si Yehan and specifically came to China this time to make her believe that Si Yehan and Lord Asura weren’t the same person, to urge her to remain in China and to not return to the Independent State again.

By now, Ye Wanwan was almost overwhelmed from her curiosity about what happened back then. Why did Si Yehan mask her memory and why… why did Si Yehan want her to stay away from the Independent State…?

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