Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1830 - Already married?

Chapter 1830 Already married?

“The Independent State…”

Ye Wanwan stared at Si Yehan, not knowing what he meant.

“There’s a rule in the main branch of the Si clan in the Independent State that has been passed down since ancient times. All of the Si family’s newborn children are banished to different countries to undergo hardening and growth… And I’m one of those banished members,” Si Yehan explained.

Ye Wanwan knew about this already but didn’t understand why Si Yehan was telling her this now.

Moreover, since Si Yehan said this, it directly proved that Si Yehan was deeply connected to the Independent State!

“And I… was brought back to the main branch after I became of age… I have some fame in the Independent State…

“There’s one rule in the Independent State: They prohibit the residents of the Independent State from marrying outsiders, regardless of who it is…However, I violated this rule…

“Because of this, I had to erase all of your memories and have you become Ye Wanwan… This was the only way to prevent the Si family of the Independent State from discovering your whereabouts. Hence, you could only become Ye Wanwan,” Si Yehan softly said to her.

Ye ‘Wanwan was startled.

Si Yehan was saying they already got married while he was in China before her memory was erased?!

As a result, she and Si Yehan suffered from the pursuit of the ancient Si clan from the Independent State.

It was also because of this that Si Yehan erased her memory and disguised her as Ye Wanwan. This way, they could deceive the Si clan of the Independent State and ensure her safety…

Back in the Independent State, Lord Asura mentioned to her that the ancient Si clan had a new emerging star named Si Yehan who had very similar looks to Lord Asura… So did Lord Asura tell the truth? Was Si Yehan really that new star from the ancient Si clan?

“The ancient Si clan holds immense power, so I had no choice but to erase your memory. This way, the Si family wouldn’t be able to find you, and I left without saying goodbye because I didn’t want to bring harm to you,” Si Yehan replied.

“Then why did you appear now? Aren’t you afraid of the ancient Si clan?” Ye Wanwan stared at him intently. “Because I don’t want to be attending your wedding the next time I see you.” Si Yehan calmly met her eyes.

Ye Wanwan choked and cleared her throat before meaningfully saying: “Ignoring that for now, I have a question for you: Do you know Lord Asura of the Independent State?”

“I don’t know him… but I’ve heard of him,” Si Yehan answered after a pause.

“Oh…” Ye Wanwan was pensive. “Alright, then from now on, I’ll go wherever you go.”

“It’s too dangerous to take you with me. Give me some time,” Si Yehan said. “I’ll properly deal with my business with the ancient Si clan…”

Before Ye Wanwan could reply, Si Yehan took out a ring and put it on Ye Wanwan’s finger.

“What is this?” Ye Wanwan curiously asked, examining the ring.

“This ring originally belonged to you… As for what it symbolizes, I don’t know,” Si Yehan said.

When Si Yehan met Ye Wanwan for the first time in Asura’s branch, she was wearing this ring and appeared to treasure this ring a lot.

After erasing Ye Wanwan’s memory, Si Yehan kept this ring safe for her, but it was time to return it to her now…

The Independent State’s situation had become increasingly complicated and confusing… And his plan also might not succeed…

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