Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1835 - Long time no see 

Chapter 1835 Long time no see 

An unknown amount of time passed before the truck finally stopped shaking and slowed to a stop.

Soon, the trunk was opened and they were taken out.

After exiting the truck, Ye Wanwan inspected her surroundings. The truck had directly entered the Si residence.

Ye Wanwan was very familiar with the Si residence by now, and she recognized this area to be the Si residence’s discipline area used for imprisonment and interrogation.

“D*mn, where are we?” Big Dipper examined his surroundings.


Several hidden guards went up and pushed Ye Wanwan and her group into the interrogation room.

After throwing them into the interrogation room, the hidden guards exited and locked the door securely.

In the interrogation room, First Elder and Third Elder stared at each other while Big Dipper turned to Ye Wanwan and asked, “Sis Feng, just what’s going on? How dare these people treat us like criminals…?”

Ye Wanwan smiled faintly but didn’t answer.

Before she went to the Independent State, she learned about the existence of Mr. Eric from Si Mingli and the others, but she had no idea who this Eric was and what his objective was for helping Si Mingli and the others make a comeback.

Now though, why didn’t she turn their own trick against them and see if she could lure that Eric into her trap?

“No need to panic. Just watch me for instructions,” Ye Wanwan aloofly replied at last.

The mere Si family naturally wasn’t enough to imprison them, but Ye Wanwan didn’t put up any resistance because she wanted to infiltrate the Si residence and meet the Mr. Eric that Si Mingli mentioned.

A long while later, the interrogation room’ door was opened and a middle-aged man marched inside and sat across from them.

“Allow me to introduce myself—I’m the new captain of the Si family’s hidden guards,” the middle-aged man greeted them while examining Ye Wanwan.

Then I don’t need to introduce myself, right? You should know who I am.” Ye Wanwan met the man’s eyes.

“Heh…” The man snorted. “Of course you don’t. Ye Wanwan, Miss Wanwan… once the mistress of the Si family.”

Since you know who I am, where did you get the nerve to abduct me?” Ye Wanwan asked.

“Heh… Miss Ye, I’m merely working for the Si family… I hope you can cooperate with me and won’t make it hard on everyone.” I’d like to ask: Where is Si Yehan?” the man asked with a smirk.

Ye Wanwan was pensive. It was similar to her guess. These higher-ups of the Si family abducted her because of Si Yehan.

“Si Yehan is your Si family’s patriarch, so why are you asking me instead?” Ye Wanwan nonchalantly asked.

“The Si family’s patriarch?” The man snorted in contempt. “That was true a lifetime ago… Miss Ye, I’m advising you to cooperate obediently and make Si Yehan show himself. Otherwise… your fate will be rather tragic.”

“What? The Si family is low on manpower nowadays? Why did they make a minor captain of the hidden guard like you interrogate me?” Ye Wanwan retorted apathetically.

The man’s expression shifted. “Heh… Did you think our hands are tied just because you won’t tell? You’ll obediently open your mouth eventually.”

Then he snorted and clapped his hands.

A second later, a young man was dragged inside by several hidden guards.

“M-master?!” The young man was shocked when he saw Ye Wanwan.

Ye Wanwan furrowed her brows. The man carted inside was Eleven, whom she hadn’t seen in a while.

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