Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1827 - I agree to this marriage 

Chapter 1827 I agree to this marriage 

The schadenfreude expression on Ye Yiyi’s face instantly distorted into an extremely awful expression, the color draining from her face. “That’s impossible… Ye Wanwan… and Si Yehan…?”

How could that little b*tch, Ye Wanwan, become associated with the patriarch of the Si family?!

Ye Yiyi looked at the perfectly-matching, handsome and beautiful couple standing together on the dazzling crystal platform at the other end of the rose carpet, simply beautiful like characters who stepped out of a painting. The disbelief and jealousy in her eyes nearly caused her heart to explode.

Next to them, Gu Yueze’s level of shock obviously wasn’t any less than Ye Yiyi’s. He had always thought that Ye Wanwan should be groveling with gratitude that he was still willing to marry her despite her history as Si Yehan’s lover.

Never would Gu Yueze have expected Si Yehan to publicly say that Ye Wanwan was his girlfriend…

No way would Si Yehan go this far for a lover unless he really considered Ye Wanwan as a proper girlfriend.

Ye Wanwan had been telling the truth from start to end…

She really didn’t care about him at all anymore…

Gu Yueze’s face turned ashen. He felt like the bouquet of flowers in his arms was a pile of hot potatoes and the romantic decorations around them were a burning sea that made him unbearably embarrassed.

Not to mention the mocking gazes and snickers that surrounded him.

This confident and meticulously planned proposal turned into a complete joke.

“D*mn… S-so handsome…” Fu Mingxi was dazed and despair directly overcame him after seeing Si Yehan’s looks for himself.

It was only after witnessing it for himself that he understood that Gong Xu’s description wasn’t an exaggeration. It was actually too humble.

This man could seriously use his face to murder someone!

No wonder! No wonder the President was head over heels captivated by him!

“No… I don’t agree! I don’t agree to this marriage!” Fu Mingxi made one last dying struggle.

Ye Mufan shoved him to the side with his shoulders. “Who are you to disagree?! My sister and brother-in-law are a match made in heaven, so who cares if you disagree?! Shoo! As my sister’s most respected and loved brother, I will make the decision to agree to this marriage!”

Ye Mufan then excitedly mused, “My sister is simply too awesome!’ His brother-in-law was actually Si Yehan!

Si Yehan was his brother-in-law!

While everyone was amazed by Si Yehan publicizing his relationship with Ye Wanwan, there was someone more astonished by the audience.

Strictly speaking, they were horrified.

Big Dipper intently stared at the face of the man in front of his president, his eyes nearly falling out from shock. “Sh*t!!! L-l-lord Asura! Isn’t this Lord Asura?”

Seven Star was just as shocked but quickly regained his wits. “They just look… alike… They aren’t the same person.”

Big Dipper pointed at the man’s face. “Their looks are clearly identical! Only their hair color is different!”

“I previously heard Sis Feng mentioning that… the person she likes looks very similar to Lord Asura. This man is probably him.”

Big Dipper gulped. “I thought Sis Feng was randomly making it up, but this person actually exists? D*mn! Seeing Si Yehan wearing Lord Asura’s face and saying Sis Feng is his girlfriend… It’s simply too… horrifying! Horrifying! I’m too stunned!”

The people around them had exploded into an uproar, but as the protagonist of this matter, Ye Wanwan seemed to be absorbed in her own world and had her eyes solely focused on the man in front of her.

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