Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1826 - My girlfriend 

Chapter 1826 My girlfriend 

The reporter was probably afraid that Si Yehan didn’t know this person, so she tacked on an explanation.

After all, rumors said Si Yehan had been overseas during this period of time.

In such a romantic setting, the reporter could visibly detect an extremely displeased frostiness from Si Yehan. So, she thought she had disturbed and irritated the man and didn’t hope for Si Yehan to respond, so she started retreating and wanting to flee.

To the reporter’s surprise, she heard the man coldly answer: “I’ve heard.”

He’s heard!

However, it wasn’t that strange since Stars Corporation not only had the most famous Stars Entertainment under its banner but was also involved in many other industries.

Could it be because they had some business interactions?

The reporter was incredibly pleasantly surprised Si Yehan answered her. She naturally didn’t want to give this chance up and bolstered her courage to continue with her questions. “Then President Si, may I presumptuously ask if you know Chairman Ye? What… relationship do you two have? Do you have business interactions?”

The reporter was obviously trying to trick words out of Si Yehan. As long as Si Yehan said he didn’t know her or wasn’t familiar with her, things would get interesting!

Silence descended around them again.

Many people turned to Ye Wanwan, waiting for a good show. Ye Wanwan was seriously unlucky!

Who would’ve expected Si Yehan, who appeared once in a blue moon, to coincidentally visit this place?

Now, her lie would be exposed.

Ye Yiyi smirked in elation. Ye Wanwan had finally miscalculated. Did she think her lie wouldn’t be exposed simply because Si Yehan never made public appearances?

Let’s see how she’d continue in this industry from now on!

Si Yehan didn’t answer the reporter’s question and seemed to be pondering over something, his mind drifting away. However, no one uttered a sound and everyone held their breaths in anticipation.

About 10 seconds later, the man returned to the present and suddenly walked past the reporter.

Everyone trailed after him.

Si Yehan headed straight toward Ye Wanwan!



What’s going on?

Is Si Yehan about to make Ye Wanwan pay?

Ye Wanwan’s eyes were placid as a pool of dead water, and she ignored everyone’s zealous gazes and calmly watched the man slowly walking toward her.

Finally, the man stopped before her.

They were both dressed in black and created an inexplicable sense of harmony as they stood in front of each other, face to face.

What’s his… relationship with her…?

In front of everyone, the man in black slowly leaned down and planted a light kiss on the girl’s lips.

The man’s slightly raspy voice, which was as low as a cello, rang out next to everyone’s ears. “My girlfriend.” G-girlfriend!!!

Every reporter’s face turned blank as they watched the scene in front of them, clueless as to the right expression to have.

Time seemed to have frozen and everyone stood unmoving without a sound.

It wasn’t until the man pulled back from the kiss that a commotion shot through the place, a fervent uproar nearly piercing through the roof.

“D*mn! What” w-wh-what did I just hear? Was I hearing things?!?!?!”

“No! You didn’t! I also heard it! Si Yehan said… said Ye Wanwan is his girlfriend!!! My god! Si Yehan is actually Ye Wanwan’s boyfriend! This is a shocking scoop!”

“Of course he knows her! How could he not? She’s his girlfriend! The person who asked this question must’ve been an idiot!”

“Everyone thought Ye Wanwan was simply trying to aggravate Gu Yueze and didn’t expect her boyfriend to really be Si Yehan! D-doesn’t that mean… Everything that Gu Yueze did—posting on Weibo, inviting reporters, proposing to Ye Wanwan—it was all delusional, wishful thinking?”

Ye Yiyi is more hilarious, right? She was just claiming Ye Wanwan hired thugs to threaten her and force her to break her engagement with Gu Yueze! Her acting was seriously realistic…’

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