Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1825 - Actually so handsome 

Chapter 1825 Actually so handsome 

“Wait! If Si Yehan is here, wouldn’t that be comical? Wasn’t Ye Wanwan pretending that Si Yehan was her boyfriend a few days ago? Won’t she get her face publicly slapped now?”

“Pft! Oh yeah! The matter’s turned into such a big fuss, so Si Yehan must’ve heard abouUt! Ye Wanwan’s seriously brazen to dare to pretend to be Si Yehan’s girlfriend!”

“Si Yehan …”

Ye Wanwan unwittingly narrowed her eyes upon hearing that name.

The reporters all rushed toward the lobby’s entrance only to be met by a group of bodyguards in black flooding toward them and barricading the reporters at a distance. After that, a group of Si Corporation’s senior managers smartly dressed in suits and leather shoes followed along with the sweating and panting president of the conference center.

This procession caused the boisterous reporters to all reflexively quiet down, not daring to utter a sound, and everyone propped up their cameras, aiming them toward the main entrance.

About 10 seconds later, all the senior managers were standing at the main entrance properly, ready to receive a guest, and a black car slowly stopped. The car’s back door opened, revealing a strong but long and slender leg.

Then a man dressed in a black suit fully stepped out of the car.


A wave of gasps simultaneously reverberated through the center when everyone clearly saw the man.

The man’s aura was seriously too powerful. The second he appeared, the enormous center turned oppressive.

When the reporters cautiously examined the man’s looks, they were stunned once more.

They never would’ve expected Si Yehan to actually be so handsome!!!

“My god! Si Yehan’s t-t-too handsome, right?!”

“I’m announcing that I have a new husband from this moment onward!”

“Who was it that foolishly claimed Si Yehan didn’t dare to show himself because he was too ugly? It’s obviously because he’s too handsome and would evoke havoc by revealing himself!”

“Ahhh! I actually saw Si Yehan with my own eyes! I don’t have any regrets in my career as a reporter anymore!”

Ye Wanwan’s gaze navigated through the tightly packed crowd and landed on the man in the middle.

Aside from returning his hair to black, the man shared nearly zero differences from Lord Asura.

However, she felt like she hadn’t seen him for several centuries.

The man who gave her the best time of her life but also the crudest treatment…

Gu Yueze’s red rose carpet was layered from the Gold Hall all the way to the center’s main entrance, so it would be unavoidable for Si Yehan to step on it if he wanted to enter.

The sight of this slim figure walking across a bed of fresh red rose petals with icy looks that appeared to be carved by the gods themselves—it was unworldly.

When the man was halfway across the carpet, the reporters finally snapped out of this beautiful feast.

A bold reporter dashed out from the crowd and snatched this once-in-a-lifetime chance for an interview. “H-hello, Mr. Si. May I ask if you’ve seen Miss Ye Wanwan’s interview a few days ago when she claimed you were her boyfriend?

What are your thoughts on this?”

Wow! Such an explosive question from the very start!

The other reporters all sighed and wrung their hands at seeing this reporter outdoing them but also pointed their cameras toward Si Yehan, waiting for his answer.

The man halted his steps.

Every reporter held their breaths subconsciously.

At a lack of response from Si Yehan, the inquiring reporter looked a bit frightened and stammered, “Ye Wanwan… is the founder of the Age of Immortals… a-and the b-boss of Stars Corporation… Have you heard of her?”

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