Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1824 - Si Yehan is coming for an inspection

Chapter 1824 Si Yehan is coming for an inspection

It would be better if Gu Yueze didn’t say that. By saying that, his words equated to admitting to everything Ye Yiyi said.

Ye Yiyi seemed to have suffered an enormous blow at witnessing Gu Yueze speaking up for Ye Wanwan. She stood up shakily, as though she’d faint at any second. “Wanwan, you’ve doggedly pursued Yueze ever since I got with him and didn’t give up. I tolerated everything you did, seeing as we were sisters, and I really didn’t want to do this, but I didn’t expect you to act so tyrannically…

“You pretended to be the victim, you purposefully played hard to get, you hired thugs to injure me and force me, and you even used Si Yehan to provoke Yueze, but aren’t you merely doing everything to win over Yueze and obtain the status of Mrs. Gu…? Are you satisfied now?”

Ye Yiyi tearfully accused Ye Wanwan of shamelessness, causing the reporters’ gazes toward Ye Wanwan to turn odder and odder.

“Although Ye Yiyi deserves to be punished, Ye Wanwan isn’t anything good either!”

“Right?! She’s seriously too manipulative and even intentionally made herself look good and claim Si Yehan was her boyfriend, but in the end, it was just a plot to force Gu Yueze to marry her!”

“The most poisonous heart truly belongs to a woman!”

As Big Dipper helplessly watched Ye Yiyi acting pitiful and caused everyone to insult Ye Wanwan, his fury erupted. “D*mn! Aren’t you Chinese women too shameless?! Just openly fight it out whenever you have any grievances! What kind of solution is this?!”

Ye Wanwan ignored Big Dipper. This industry was like this; he was merely seeing the tip of the iceberg.

“Miss Ye Wanwan, may I ask if Ye Yiyi told the truth? Did you really privately hire thugs to threaten her?”

“Doesn’t your conscience feel uneasy by using such unscrupulous methods to get the position of Mrs. Gu?”

“Can you really accept this grand proposal today with an easy conscience?”

Interrogation from reporters instantly slammed Ye Wanwan.

“Everyone, please calm down. All of this is just a one-sided statement from Ye Yiyi, and everyone knows our Chairman Ye already clarified her relationship with Mr. Gu Yueze earlier.”

Zhou Tao hastily stepped forward to resolve this soap opera, but unfortunately, the public typically sympathized with the weak, so none of the reporters believed Zhou Tao and they all sided with Ye Yiyi.

In the midst of this chaos, a reporter suddenly shouted, “What did you say? Si Yehan???”

“Si Yehan?”

“What about Si Yehan?”

Si Yehan’s name was like a drop of oil in a pot of boiling water and instantly attracted everyone’s attention.

“I heard the President of the Si Corporation, Si Yehan, returned from overseas today and is coming here to inspect this place.”

“Huh?!?!?! Seriously?”

Yunfan Conference Center, the most luxurious convention center in Imperial City, was under the management of Si Corporation, so it wasn’t strange for Si Yehan to show up there. However, wasn’t Si Yehan’s itinerary always kept tightly confidential with the surroundings under lockdown, prohibiting the appearance of a single reporter?

“It’s not true, right? If Si Yehan was coming, this place would have probably been cleared and locked down already!”

“I heard it was because of Gu Yueze’s sudden show, so by the time the center’s manager informed them, Si Yehan had arrived already. If you don’t believe me, go take a look for yourself! All the senior managers of Si Corporation and this convention center’s boss are at the entrance to receive him!”

“Wow! This trip today was simply too worth it!”

All the reporters bubbled with excitement.

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