Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1823 - Say one thing but mean another

Chapter 1823 Say one thing but mean another

A burst of desperate madness was evident in Ye Yiyi’s eyes as she staked everything in one throw and crazily pounced on Ye Wanwan.

However, before she could get within three steps of Ye Wanwan, she was stopped by Seven Star.

Before anyone realized, a cold youth appeared in front of Ye Wanwan.

Seven Star didn’t even make contact with Ye Yiyi, but the woman staggered onto the floor and started sobbing, tears streaking down her face and shoulders trembling. “Wanwan… why… why did you do this to me…

“I know my parents made a mistake… but… what does it have to do with me… I didn’t know… I didn’t know anything…

“I have nothing now… I don’t have Yueze, so why… why do you have to steal Yueze away too…?”

“Hey, what nonsense are you spouting?! When did Brother Ye steal your man?!” Big Dipper irritably snapped.

However, Big Dipper’s menacing and brutish manner merely complemented Ye Yiyi and made her look more pitiful and fragile. She scrambled backwards in a panic and her jacket and collar seemed to accidentally slip down, revealing bruises spotting her skin. “Wanwan, although you did have an engagement with Yueze at first, I didn’t get together with Yueze until you broke up with him. There wasn’t anything improper about how Yueze and I got together, so I didn’t do anything wrong by you…

“Now though, Yueze and I were about to get married but you’re using your power to bully me and insert yourself between us… Afterward… you even hired thugs to frighten me and force me to break off my engagement with Yueze!

“Wanwan, even if I’m not related by blood to the Ye family, we’ve been sisters for so many years… How… how could you treat me like this…?”

Ye Yiyi was choking with sobs at this point. “I’ve already lost everything, so why must you steal away the last thing I have too…?”

As the reporters listened to Ye Yiyi’s words and saw her miserable and tragic state, a commotion ran through them, and they couldn’t help but feel sympathetic.

“D*mn! I didn’t expect Ye Wanwan to be so vicious! Yiyi’s already in this state, but Ye Wanwan still isn’t sparing Yiyi! In order to get married to Gu Yueze, she actually hired thugs to force Yiyi to break off the engagement?!”

“Hm, no matter what Ye Yiyi did, she did have an engagement with Gu Yueze. So Ye Wanwan is the mistress for butting into their relationship at this moment!”

“Tsk tsk, this woman methodically plotted to send Yiyi’s parents to prison then forced her to break her engagement and stole her man! This woman is seriously terrifying!”

Listening to the surrounding discussion, Ye Yiyi’s cries became more heart-breaking. “Wanwan, I’m begging you! I’m begging you! I don’t want anything, please just return Yueze to me…”

A cold glint flickered through Ye Yiyi’s eyes as she said that.

Heh, Ye Wanwan, you won’t let me live well, so I will make your life hell too! This way, even if you do win Gu Yueze, you’ll be scorned by everyone and will forever be labeled as the mistress and suffer from the world’s insults!

Ye Wanwan crossed her arms in front of her chest and coldly watched Ye Yiyi taking on the role of both the director and actress for this scene and acted like she was the world’s most innocent and pitiful flower.

Gu Yueze might be angry at Ye Yiyi for disrupting his proposal, but two women fighting over his affections did satisfy his vanity and pride.

Especially when he heard Ye Yiyi saying Ye Wanwan hired thugs to force her to break off the engagement.

Heh, woman! They really say one thing but mean another!

Gu Yueze sighed and said, pretentiously acting like a gentleman, “Yiyi, don’t talk about Wanwan like this. No matter what she did, I’ll apologize on her behalf. If you want to blame someone, blame me.”

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