Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1822 - Haven’t become muddled to the point of being blind

Chapter 1822 Haven’t become muddled to the point of being blind

Seven Star remained calm and silent from start to end.

Ye Mufan, however, was burning with hatred. “How dare this d*mn toad lust after a swan! Who gave him the courage to propose to my sister?! Wanwan, don’t be foolhardy and impulsively agree to him!”

Ye Wanwan’s expression darkened. “How foolhardy would I have to be?”

Ye Mufan grumbled. “Don’t be so blase, Wanwan. It’s really easy for women to become dizzy and muddled in this kind of situation…”

“I haven’t become muddled to the point of being blind.”

No matter how Ye Mufan knew his sister had her own opinion and absolutely wouldn’t accept Gu Yueze’s proposal, he still couldn’t help but worry.

He couldn’t be blamed for overthinking things as Wanwan’s boyfriend hadn’t appeared since she returned to the country nor had Si Yehan made an appearance and responded, so he couldn’t help but feel worried about his sister’s romantic situation.

He didn’t dare to believe his brother-in-law was truly Si Yehan either…

Of course, taking in mind his sister’s temper, he didn’t dare to voice his question.

The reporters all held their breaths in anticipation, and wave after wave of “Kachak” and camera flashes enveloped the venue.

All the reporters fervently snapped photos of Ye Wanwan’s face, wanting to capture pleasant surprise, touched emotion, and even the female lead breaking down into tears.

After waiting for so long and finally obtaining what she wanted, she had to be very excited, right?

In truth, Ye Wanwan was rather irritated. She didn’t expect Gu Yueze to block her all the way in Gold Hall to give her a so-called “surprise,” giving her no path of escape. She felt like a pile of sh*t was forcefully stuffed into her mouth.

Gu Yueze looked at the girl on the other end of the red carpet. Ye Wanwan was wearing a black, clean and handsome form-fitting suit today. Although it looked very good on her… he thought she should’ve at least worn a more festively- colored dress for an occasion like today.

Thankfully, it didn’t matter since the girl possessed skin whiter than snow and stunning looks, so her outfit highlighted another unique type of beauty.

Under everyone’s eyes, Ye Wanwan stepped onto the red carpet of roses and prepared to leave without a wandering glance.

However, to Gu Yueze, Ye Wanwan’s calm expression merely looked like she was dumbfounded with joy.

Gu Yueze stared at the girl with deep adoration and gently said, “Wanwan, I know you’ve waited for this moment for a long time. I’m sorry for going in circles and making you wait for me for so long.

Time has made me realize that the person who loves me the most and feels the deepest affection toward me has always been by my side!”

On the crystal stage, Gu Yueze accepted a black velvet box from a staff member and opened the lid, revealing a ring crowned with a diamond the size of a pigeon egg. “Wanwan, marry me!”

Marry me…

These words echoed in the convention center’s lobby, eliciting a string of ear-shattering cheers.


“My god! I’m so envious! Ye Wanwan’s seriously blessed!”

In the midst of everyone’s cajoling, a woman’s acidic curse was heard: “Ye Wanwan, you’re a mistress!”

All the reporters bewilderedly turned to the source of the voice and saw that the newcomer was actually Gu Yueze’s ex-fiancee and the previous Director of the Talent Recruitment Department at Emperor Sky Entertainment—Ye Yiyi!

“Wow! This is gonna be good! It’s Ye Yiyi! Ye Yiyi actually came!”

“We’re gonna see two women fighting over a man!”

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