Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1821 - More ignorant than this 

Chapter 1821 More ignorant than this 

Since everything was arranged ahead of time and an incredibly eager Second Elder had sent people to make proper preparations, Ye Wanwan merely had to sit there and hold down the fort.

The press conference went extremely smoothly.

Ye Wanwan rubbed her neck, which was aching from sitting too long. Seeing that the business with the company was almost done, she was prepared to toss responsibility to Ye Mufan shortly and swiftly finish her mission from the Academy so that she could accumulate enough honor points as soon as possible.

“Brother Ye, do your shoulders hurt? I’ll help you massage them! I’m really good at massages!” Fu Mingxi was steps away from her, as he’d been the past few days.

“No need.”

After the press conference ended, Ye Wanwan walked at the front with a parade of senior managers from the three companies along with reporters who hastily followed them, wanting to ask some questions, and they ceremoniously left the hall.

Kachak! The servers pushed open the two golden doors of the hall.

Ye Wanwan had her head lowered as she conversed with Fu Mingxi while walking forward.

The second the doors opened, though, an abrupt loud “Bang” rang and a rain of flower petals showered down from above followed by numerous colorful balloons floating up.

Ye Wanwan looked up with a frown.

The originally solemn Yunfan Conference Center had turned into a sea of flowers.

Expensive imported red roses formed a carpet that stretched from the Gold Hall to the center of the building.

Standing at the center stage was Gu Yueze dressed in a wine-red, expensive, high-class, custom-made suit while holding a bouquet of flowers as he looked at her lovingly.

Upon seeing this scene, Ye Wanwan’s mind blanked.

Everyone behind her who saw this unexpected scene was also dumbstruck.

What… what was going on?

They all quickly reacted…

“D*mn! Mr. Gu is planning to propose?”

“Explosive! This is too explosive!”

“Isn’t this surprise too heart jolting?!”

After a wave of shocked exclamations, everyone noticed the heart-shaped crystal platform at the center was actually layered with crystals from S Company. This platform alone probably cost millions of dollars!

If someone stepped on it, they had to tread cautiously in fear of breaking it.

Not to even mention the myriad of romantic decorations that stretched across the venue. An enormous sum of money was spent on everything.

The reporters who came to attend a business press conference all became excited.

They never would’ve expected to accidentally gain such a big scoop from the press conference!

Gu Yueze was about to publicly propose to Ye Wanwan!

“Wow!!! This is too romantic!”

“How could it not be romantic?! It’s built on towers of money!”

“Which woman could reject this kind of proposal? I seriously envy Ye Wanwan too much!”

“It appears Ye Wanwan will get what she wanted!”

Amidst the reporters’ sea of envious gasps and exclamations, everyone waited for the female lead’s reaction.

Fu Mingxi fumed at this scene before him and immediately hurled insults: “What a cheap proposal! Is he nouveau riche? President, if you like surprises or a romantic proposal, I can give you one 100 times grander! Don’t be deceived by such a tacky proposal!”

Big Dipper pushed him to the side. “Shoo! Does our president look like someone this ignorant?”

Ye Wanwan:“…”

She was more ignorant than this in the past…

She would dry up a mere flower that Gu Yueze gifted to her and turn it into a bookmark and securely store it in her safe…

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