Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1820 - Merely want an official status 

Chapter 1820 Merely want an official status 

At the Gu Group:“…”

Qiu Likuan, the vice president, cheerfully said, “What a clever move, CEO Gu! At that time, you’ll create a giant surprise and stage a magnificent proposal that will stir the whole city! There won’t be a single woman who can resist it!”

Gu Yueze leaned back on the sofa and sipped on his glass of red wine with a smirk. “I know Ye Wanwan too well. In the end, she’s just a woman! The reason she’s playing hard to get and is mad at me is merely because she wants an official status!”

“Brilliant, CEO Gu! There’s no way that girl will escape from your clutches, CEO Gu!” Qiu Likuan fawningly piled praise on Gu Yueze. “Oh right, I went to Stars Entertainment to meet with their Director Zhou. That Director Zhou has always acted haughty but had to treat me politely this time!”

Gu Group chuckled. “When I marry Ye Wanwan, the whole Stars Corporation will belong to the Gu Group, let alone Stars Entertainment. How could he dare to treat you with anything but politeness?”

Qiu Likuan burst into laughter. “You’re right, CEO Gu!”

At that moment, knocks were heard on the office door, and a junior assistant entered.

“CEO Gu…” The junior assistant looked hesitant to speak.

“What is it?” Gu Yueze asked.

“It’s Miss Ye… She wants to see you…” the junior assistant reported.

Gu Yueze’s eyes brightened before promptly dimming. “Miss Ye… Ye Yiyi?”

“Yes. She’s been waiting outside for a long time and won’t leave no matter what I say,” the assistant answered, troubled. “Then have her keep waiting,” Gu Yueze indifferently said and resumed his conversation with Qiu Likuan.

The junior assistant had no choice but to exit.

She quickly returned to the reception area of the Gu Group and coldly said to Ye Yiyi, “Please leave, Miss Ye. CEO Ye really isn’t available.”

Ye Yiyi immediately slapped her. “B*tch, you’re just an assistant! How dare you speak to me like this?! It was me who arranged for your position at Gu Group back then! How dare you block me?!”

The junior assistant’s face became swollen at once. Grievance overwhelmed her, and she indignantly yelled, “Who do you think you are, Ye Yiyi? Do you still think you’re the future young madam of the Gu Group? You’re just hogwash that CEO Gu doesn’t want anymore! Where did you get the guts to act mighty in front of me?!”

“W-what did you say? How dare you…” Ye Yiyi flung another slap at her.

The junior assistant didn’t cower and rolled into a scuffle with her. “What? Am I wrong? You’re in the wrong here! Our CEO Gu is going to propose to the owner of Stars Corporation, Miss Ye Wanwan, tomorrow! Who do you think you are?!”

“B*tch! You’re lying to me!” Ye Yiyi was startled, disbelief filling her face.

“I’m lying? Go read the news yourself! The entire Imperial City knows about this!”

The quarrel finally ended when security arrived to pull the duo apart and toss Ye Yiyi out of the building.

In front of the Gu Group’s building, Ye Yiyi’s expression was immensely dark. Her hair was messy as a rat’s nest, and tears from the tussle littered her clothes.

“Gu Yueze is going to propose to that little b*tch, Ye Wanwan…? Impossible… How could that be possible…?”

This piece of news completely shattered her last bit of hope. “Gu Yueze… Ye Wanwan… You want to kick me away and get together…? No… absolutely no way! I absolutely won’t allow you to be together!”

The next morning, Ye Wanwan’s press conference at the Gold Hall of Yunfan Conference Center officially began. The management of Emperor Sky Entertainment, the Age of Immortals, and Stars Entertainment all attended.

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