Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1819 - Truly boring 

Chapter 1819 Truly boring 

As Gong Xu torrentially unloaded his hypothesis onto Ye Wanwan, Lin Que was saying nearly the same thing at a certain manor in Imperial City.

Lin Que said, “Ninth Brother, based on everything I said, Gu Yueze, that idiot, is probably preparing to propose to Ninth Sister!!! How can you tolerate this???”

If he could tolerate even this, wouldn’t it be a bit illogical?


Ye Wanwan frowned. Propose to me…? What the heck?!

Just as Gong Xu finished telling her the gossip, Ye Wanwan’s phone started ringing, and the caller was coincidentally Gu Yueze.

“Brother Ye, answer it, answer it!” Gong Xu urged anxiously, his face almost plastered to her phone screen.

Ye Wanwan pressed the answer button and carelessly held it up. “Hello?”

Gu Yueze seemed to be pleased by Ye Wanwan picking up the phone. With a gentle but also self-assured tone, he said, “Wanwan, meet me at Victory Grand Hotel tomorrow night at eight. I have something important to tell you.”

Gong Xu immediately mouthed: “See! See! I was right!”

Before Ye Wanwan could respond, Gu Yueze interrupted her and continued: “Don’t reject me, Wanwan. Believe me—I know what you want and I can afford it.”

Then Gu Yueze hung up, brimming with confidence.

Ye Wanwan mockingly glanced at her phone. “Heh, you know what I want?”

Gu Yueze probably thought she wanted him to marry her openly?

This would be correct if she was the previous Ye Wanwan. If Gu Yueze was willing to bestow her with such a grand proposal, she would’ve probably fainted from happiness.

Hence, Gu Yueze matter-of-factly thought he had an accurately grasp of Ye Wanwan’s mind, so he employed this “ultimate finishing move” on her.

“Brother Ye, are you going?” Gong Xu asked with a blink.

Ye Wanwan looked at him cheerfully. “Do you think I’m that free?”

Randomly taking him out for a walk was fine, but she didn’t have time to keep playing with him.

“Don’t, Brother Ye! You’re not free, but I’m free! Let’s go and have some fun! How satisfying would it be to publicly reject that idiotic jerk and slap his face?!” Gong Xu enthusiastically suggested.

Ye Wanwan glimpsed at him dryly. “It’s satisfying to slap the face of someone like him?”

She wasn’t interested in doing something so easy.

“Fine, fine, it’d be kinda boring…” Gong Xu pursed his lips in disappointment.

“Stop thinking about having fun all day long. Let’s get down to business.”

She still had other important things to do during her trip in China, so she didn’t have time to waste on these petty matters.

Soon, she would have to return to the Independent State, so she had no time to lose and had to swiftly take care of her business here.

Ye Wanwan ignored Gong Xu and entered Fei Yang’s office. “Brother Yang, have you finished preparing for the press conference?’

Many things had happened recently—the switching up of Emperor Sky Entertainment’s management, the redistribution of the Age of Immortals, and Stars Entertainment’s upcoming plans and collaborations. They needed to hold a press conference to officially announce it.

Fei Yang looked up from his computer. “It’s all done. I’ve reserved the Gold Hall at Yunfan Conference Center, and I’m currently drawing up the guest list.”

“Great. Thank you for your hard work.”

After drawing up the guest list, Fei Yang immediately invited all the major media outlets and reporters to their press conference. Meanwhile, Ye Wanwan sought out Ye Mufan to discuss the general outline of the press conference…

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