Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1828 - Lots of beautiful scenery outside

Chapter 1828 Lots of beautiful scenery outside

“Heh.” The girl lowered her gaze and chuckled gently all of a sudden. The corners of her beautiful eyes turned up slightly with mockery and nonchalance as she said, “Appearing so soon? Earlier than I expected.”

All the noise receded from the man’s ears, only leaving behind her moving lips and her voice.

Ye Wanwan smiled and languidly continued: “I thought you would wait to show up until after my wedding or my child’s one-month-old birthday or perhaps… after I give birth to my second child.”

Si Yehan:

The man’s cool eyes evidently narrowed, frostiness leaking out. “Of course I’d appear.”

Because your wedding, your child’s one-month-old birthday, and your second child could only be with me.

Although the man said only half of what he meant, as usual, Ye Wanwan tacitly understood the words he left unsaid and aloofly said, “Mr. Si, it’d be best to refrain from being so overconfident.

“When I left to search for you these past few months, I visited some places and had some fun. I suddenly discovered that the previous me truly observed the sky from the bottom of a well and thought the sky above me was all the scenery the world possessed. Now though, I’ve realized that there’s so much beautiful scenery in the outside world…”

The man felt both love and hatred as he watched her cheerful expression. He lowered his voice and leaned close to her with a faint smile, “Is that so? Lots of beautiful scenery outside…?”

The second the man approached, his cosmos-like eyes invaded all of her senses, causing her to nearly break. She inwardly cursed before hastily retreating a step to dodge his honey-pot trap.

Zhou Tao approached them at this moment and cautiously said, “Ahem, President Si, there are more and more reporters and fans gathered here, so s-should you and CEO Ye…”

Move somewhere else to publicly display your affection?

Ye Wanwan glanced at Zhou Tao and cleared her throat. “Understood.”

Ye Wanwan and Si Yehan were escorted by several bodyguards out of the crowd, leaving behind the ashen Gu Yueze and his romantic proposal scene, as well as Ye Yiyi surrounded by reporters…

Although the senior managers from Si Yehan’s company were thirsting for gossip, they knew this wasn’t a good time to be a third wheel, so they all left successively, and only Seven Star and Big Dipper followed Ye Wanwan to protect her.

An hour later, at a secluded manor in Imperial City: Ye Wanwan had never visited this place; it was probably another property that belonged to Si Yehan.

Behind them, Big Dipper secretly whispered to Seven Star, “Hey, Old Seven, say, Si Yehan and Lord Asura look identical, so who does Sis Feng actually like?”

Big Dipper: “Sis Feng was with Si Yehan while she was in China… I think I realized something! Sis Feng knew Si Yehan first, so Lord Asura is this man’s substitute?”

Big Dipper: “Wait, wait, wait, wait! I realized something else! Sis Feng actually dated a normal person from China? Wouldn’t her hunt be too broad in scope? So Sis Feng disappeared for so long and secretly ran off to China because she got bored of the Independent State and came for some novelty in China?”

Big Dipper: “Wait wait wait wait! I realized something, something else! So did Sis Feng come to China this time for business on the surface but private matters in reality? She came to rekindle her old flame?!”

“Shut up,” Ye Wanwan snapped.


Ye Wanwan ordered Big Dipper and Seven Star to wait outside.

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