Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1816 - Kicked by the 

Chapter 1816 Kicked by the 

“President? What President?” Gong Xu twisted his head to look at Fu Mingxi like a curious child.

“Nothing. He drank too much. Big Dipper, Seven Star, escort Mr. Fu back.” Ye Wanwan signaled Seven Star and Big Dipper.

If Gong Xu and the others learned she was the leader of bandits, her persona would collapse.

And so, before Fu Mingxi’s grievances had time to erupt, he was securely carted off by Big Dipper and Seven Star.

“Let go! Release me! I want to see the President! I’m the President’s official fiance!” Fu Mingxi shouted as he wildly struggled.

Big Dipper rolled his eyes at Fu Mingxi. “Enough already!”

Fu Mingxi angrily cried, “What do you mean enough? The president said it herself! She praised me as good-looking after seeing my photo and agreed to an engagement to me with my grandfather!”

Big Dipper was rendered even more speechless. “Alright, alright, you’ve said it 800 times already! Please, have you never seen the President drunk? How can you believe anything she says when she’s drunk? She’d hit on anyone remotely good-looking when she’s drunk! If she took responsibility for all of them, she’d have married 100 men by now!”

Seven Star looked at Big Dipper with a frown. He didn’t think Big Dipper should smear the President’s image like this. Even if it seemed like the truth…

Fu Mingxi flung off Big Dipper’s hand, dark emotions flickering through his eyes. “I don’t believe it! I don’t believe it! Doesn’t Si Yehan just have a little bit of lousy power in China? How dare he steal the President from me?! I’m gonna wreck the Si family and see how he’ll steal the President from me!”

Big Dipper nodded. “I agree. Go! This way, you can turn around and get kicked by the President!’

Fu Mingxi became teary-eyed.

Within days, Ye Wanwan’s interview rapidly spread like a virus and became the prime material of post-meal conversations.

As everyone gossiped about Ye Wanwan and Si Yehan, they undoubtedly paid close attention to Gu Yueze’s reaction. Previously, Ye Wanwan being head-over-heels in love with Gu Yueze was the talk of the town, but then she turned around and said she had a boyfriend already and that boyfriend was Si Yehan. Didn’t Gu Yueze’s earlier words seem to be rather wishful thinking then?

However, a few days later, Gu Yueze posted a Weibo post that riled up a storm again.

[Before, it was me who didn’t know to cherish you, so I only have myself to blame for your anger. This time, allow me to pamper you instead, @Ye Bai]

Gu Yueze’s Weibo post obviously hinted that Ye Wanwan intentionally said she already had a boyfriend because she was angry at him.

To this, Gu Yueze graciously expressed his forgiveness and understanding.

Realization dawned on everyone after seeing this post.

So it was like that! After all, based on the glorious history of Ye Wanwan chasing after Gu Yueze back then which was circulating through the internet, she did appear to love Gu Yueze to death.

Even after Gu Yueze got engaged to Ye Yiyi, Ye Wanwan’s pursuit merely became more intense and she even antagonized Emperor Sky Entertainment and Ye Yiyi at every turn she could for Gu Yueze.

It all made sense now; Ye Wanwan merely said what she did in front of the media to intentionally provoke Gu Yueze.

Moreover, the rumors always said Si Yehan kept his distance from women, so how did he obtain a girlfriend all of a sudden?

The matter had occurred several days ago now, but there was only word from Ye Wanwan without any reaction from the Si family, so who knew whether what she told the truth?!

This Weibo post from Gu Yueze instantly shifted the direction of public opinion.

Ye Wanwan’s public announcement of a relationship turned into what looked like a couple’s bantering and her throwing a tantrum at Gu Yueze. As for Si Yehan, a figure who solely belonged to legends, they didn’t dare to imagine it at all…

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