Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1817 - Boss hasn’t spoken yet

Chapter 1817 Boss hasn’t spoken yet

Several days later, evidence of Huang Mingkun and Liang Meixuan being the murderers was found and the duo was forced to confess and admit their guilt.

Under the enormous pressure of public opinion, Ye Hongwei and the board immediately relieved Ye Yiyi of her position, and Ye Mufan officially took over Emperor Sky Entertainment.

After learning the truth, Ye Hongwei became seriously ill, and Tan Yilan accompanied him at the hospital and took care of him the whole time.

As soon as they thought about how their youngest son actually died at the hands of their most favored daughter-in-law and most trusted steward and how their most beloved granddaughter wasn’t related to the Ye family by blood, the duo was immersed in painful regret and washed their faces with tears all day long.

When they recalled the eldest branch’s good qualities, it was too late. Their past actions already caused them to become emotionally distant from the eldest branch, and they couldn’t return to the past anymore.

Regardless of how Ye Hongwei and Tan Yilan treated Ye Wanwan and her family, they were their seniors, so Ye Wanwan and her family couldn’t abandon them. Hence, after Ye Wanwan discussed it with her father and brother, they made proper arrangements for the two elders and merely didn’t permit the two elders to interfere with the company’s affairs.

As for Liang Meixuan and Huang Mingkun, they kept searching everywhere for connections to lessen their sentences. Unfortunately, the wheel of fortune had turned on them, and everyone couldn’t be more eager to avoid them.

This included Liang Jiahao and his family, who previously curried favor with Liang Meixuan like she was his real sister. Now, they frantically hid from the duo like the duo was an epidemic.

How could they have expected the princess they always buttered up to be a b*stard?!

Instead, it was that uneducated wench, Ye Wanwan, who became the owner of Stars Corporation, someone they couldn’t hope to touch…

The chairman of Stars Corporation was his niece! If he didn’t listen to his wife and treated his sister, Liang Wanjun, so terribly, he wouldn’t have to worry for the rest of his life, relying on this level of relationship alone.

Now though, it would be useless even if he drowned in regret.

At Stars Entertainment’s reception parlor:

Gu Group’s vice president, Qiu Likuan, sat in his spot with a big grin. “Director Zhou, have you finished reading it?”

Zhou Tao read the proposal that Qiu Likuan handed to him and carefully deliberated his following words before speaking. “If I remember correctly, your company submitted this project proposal last month already, but regrettably, your company doesn’t satisfy our needs.”

Qiu Likuan chuckled and said with a meaningful expression. “We didn’t suit your needs last month, but it doesn’t mean we can’t meet them this month!”

Gu Yueze and Ye Wanwan’s gossip dominated the news this month…

With this layer of relationship present, their supposed desires weren’t important anymore.

Zhou Tao naturally caught Qiu Likuan’s hint and hummed. “Um… The boss hasn’t spoken yet, so I wouldn’t dare to decide without approval.”

Qiu Likuan snorted. “Heh, Director Zhou, you truly don’t know how to be flexible. The couple is just having a minor argument, but you’re holding up this project. When the couple makes up in the future, wouldn’t you be making things difficult for yourself, stuck in the middle?”

Zhou Tao’s eyes shifted. This Qiu guy wasn’t wrong.

However, what was tricky right now was that big boss’s affairs, especially her private affairs, couldn’t be questioned by a person on his level.

He didn’t dare to lightly make a decision without getting a good sense of the big boss’s wishes.

Zhou Tao mulled it over before deciding to neither accept nor decline. He would drag it out first and observe the situation.

Hence, Zhou Tao chuckled and said, “Ah, I’m just an employee, so I’m only doing things according to the rules. How about this, Vice President Qiu—leave the information here, and I’ll help you ask again.”

Qiu Likuan looked confident, traces of triumph leaking through. “Thanks for the trouble!”

After saying that, the man left haughtily.

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