Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1815 - Swindling both money and sex 

Chapter 1815 Swindling both money and sex 

Later, Shen Mengqi told him that Ye Wanwan didn’t follow him because she was discovered by Si Yehan midway and she wanted him to rescue her again.

However, he was engaged with Ye Yiyi by then and Ye Wanwan had lost all value to him, so why would he take a risk again and offend Si Yehan just for her?

Despite knowing this period of Ye Wanwan’s dark history, Gu Yueze was still willing to forget the past and accept her, so she should be content.

However, the current Ye Wanwan was indeed a lot smarter than the old Ye Wanwan.

If she intentionally used this move to provoke him, then she succeeded. She had indeed evoked his interest and desire to conquer.

Regardless of which man it was, they wouldn’t be able to tolerate their woman declaring another man as her boyfriend to the outside world.

He understood very well why Ye Wanwan did this.

He originally didn’t want to waste too much effort on Ye Wanwan, since this woman would come to him at a single hook of his finger. However, it now appeared he needed to take her more seriously.

The Stars Corporation that stood behind her was worth his effort too…

Due to Ye Wanwan suddenly announcing this sort of explosive news, none of them returned to their respective homes, and they all followed Ye Wanwan to Little Rose Garden in the end.

Their objective was to get firsthand gossip, of course.

“Wanwan, i-is your boyfriend really Si Yehan?” Ye Mufan anxiously asked while rubbing his hands.

Ye Wanwan answered, “Yes, so what?”

Ye Mufan solemnly said, “Hm, Wanwan, I think this brother-in-law candidate is rather… nice. You must tightly clutch onto this chance and not miss it! Your temper is getting more and more violent nowadays, and it’s fine if it’s me, your brother, but you can’t treat your boyfriend like that. You’ll scare him off. You must treat your boyfriend more gently. If you don’t know how, Brother can teach you!”

“…”That’s enough!!!

Ye Wanwan was exasperated. “Didn’t you previously say he was a pretty boy who swindled both money and sex?”

“Nonsense. If there’s someone swindling both money and sex, it’s you!”

Ye Wanwan really had nothing to say…

This was clearly the line she said to Ye Mufan back then, but Ye Mufan now used it to thwart her…

“Brother Ye, aren’t you too awesome?! How did you get your hands on the CEO of the Si Corporation so inconspicuously?!” Gong Xu bounced up and down next to her with admiration on his face.

Ye Wanwan felt her head pounding from the noise. “What do you mean inconspicuously? Didn’t I introduce him to you guys a long time ago?”

“But you didn’t say he was Si Yehan back then!” Gong Xu wanted to sweat when he recalled how he almost tried to provoke the other man when they first met.

“What does Si Yehan look like? How handsome is he? Do you have photos?” Big Dipper anxiously yammered.

“That I don’t! But either way, he’s really handsome—so handsome he can bend you the other way!” Gong Xu answered.

Big Dipper raised his eyebrows. “So handsome he can bend me? There really aren’t many people who can do that in this world!”

The only people he could think of who were handsome to that degree were Lord Asura and Emperor Ji…

Actually, Piece of Sh*t was rather handsome—the kind that was seductively handsome—but that man wouldn’t bend him with his handsomeness. Instead, he would bend him with his fists…

Big Dipper seemed blase about Gong Xu’s words. “I think you’re all just too sheltered. I’ll show you genuine handsomeness next time!”

“You can’t treat me like this, President!” Fu Mingxi couldn’t hold it in anymore and shot up with a slap on the coffee table.

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