Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1814 - Knew the truth bes

Chapter 1814 Knew the truth bes

“Ninth Brother! Hurry and watch this video! That ugly freak actually…”

Si Yehan turned to look at Lin Que instead of the notebook he brought toward him.

A chill ran down Lin Que’s back at once, and he gulped. “I was wrong, I was wrong… I misspoke! It’s Ninth Sister, Ninth Sister!”

No matter what Ye Wanwan looked like now, her eyesore appearance from back then was deeply engraved into his soul.

It was only after Lin Que changed his form of address that Si Yehan graciously looked at the laptop.

Lin Que immediately restarted the video from the beginning.

The video captured an interview, and Si Yehan recognized the girl surrounded by people at a single glance.

The reporters kept grilling Ye Wanwan about her relationship with Gu Yueze and whether she wanted to get back together with him.

“My taste isn’t that awful.” Ye Wanwan’s voice arose from the clamor.

When the reporter raised another question, the girl continued: “Back then, my taste… yes… it might’ve indeed been rather weird… Now though, I have a boyfriend, so I’d like to request all my media friends to refrain from believing the rumors.”

Lin Que finished watching the video earlier, so he excitedly watched his Ninth Brother’s expression turn awful and he intentionally taunted him: “Hehe, Ninth Brother. Guess the identity of the boyfriend Ninth Sister’s talking about?”

Si Yehan ignored him.

“He isn’t from the entertainment industry. He’s a businessman; you all should know him too,” the girl in the video continued.

A businessman… the reporters know him too…

“His name is Si Yehan.”

When Si Yehan heard his name, his unfathomable eyes contracted immediately.

Lin Que saw Si Yehan’s astonished expression as expected and was instantly satisfied. He excitedly exclaimed, “It’s all over the internet now! Ninth Sister has publicized it to the world!”

Before, Ye Wanwan always adamantly cut a clear line between herself and Si Yehan, afraid that other people would learn about her relationship with Si Yehan. To their surprise, she actually admitted Si Yehan was her man in front of so many reporters this time.

Si Yehan’s slender fingers touched the laptop screen and the video replayed Ye Wanwan’s lines “I have a boyfriend” and “His name is Si Yehan.”

Ye Wanwan’s interview spread through the internet like wildfire as soon as it was uploaded and rapidly entered the headlines of the major news outlets.

One of the main leads of this rumor featured the behind-the-scenes boss of Stars Corporation who just revealed herself while the other was the mysterious patriarch of the Si family who had never revealed his face. This rumor was a hundred times more explosive than the exposure Gu Yueze spent a large sum to buy.

Gu Yueze naturally saw this interview instantly.

Not a long time had passed since he sent a message to Ye Wanwan inviting her to dinner before being rejected. He didn’t expect her to appear in an interview a few hours later and publicly say something like that.

Si Yehan… was her boyfriend?

If the old Ye Wanwan publicly said something like that, she would’ve probably been submerged in laughter and ridicule. Now though, as the behind-the-scenes boss of Stars Corporation, her words gained a few degrees of credibility.

However, he knew the truth best: She and Si Yehan were friends with benefits at most.

If they shared a respectable boyfriend-girlfriend relationship, why would Si Yehan have imprisoned her at Jin Garden like a slave and why would she ask Shen Mengqi to help her plead for him to rescue her?

Si Yehan merely treated her as a toy…

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