Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1813 - No way she would give him an official status 

Chapter 1813 No way she would give him an official status 

After a brief moment of shock, an uproar snaked through the crowd.

None of them ever expected Ye Wanwan to utter this name!

They weren’t just familiar with this name!

It was akin to thunder to their ears!

Gong Xu dazedly stood there, thinking he heard wrong. “S-Si Yehan…? Isn’t… isn’t it Ninth Si?”

Fei Yang exclaimed: “Oh my god!!!”

No one expected the biggest gossip of the year to come out from Ye Bai instead of an artist.

Luo Chen was also astonished. No matter how much you didn’t pay attention to gossip and news, you still knew the name “Si Yehan” despite the fact that he never appeared in front of any media outlet or in public.

Han Xianyu was first shocked before peering down in contemplation, finally understanding something…

No wonder he kept feeling like that man’s aura indicated an extraordinary identity…

Perhaps it was because Ye Bai truly gave him too many surprises that while this matter might be shocking to everyone, Han Xianyu found it to be within reason.

Moreover, Ye Bai was different from how she was before; as the owner of Stars Corporation, she carried a status and background that wasn’t inferior to the Si family’s in China at all.

It was Gu Yueze who thought too highly of himself and ignorantly wanted to “charm” someone way out of his league without any self-knowledge.

A sense of crisis appeared on Fu Mingxi’s face for the first time. I knew it! I knew it!!!

How could a man that the President took a fancy to be so simple?!

It’s our President’s nature to only do challenging things!

B-but…what can I do?!

Wait, no… calm down! Calm down! Si Yehan is Chinese!

The Independent State absolutely prohibited its residents from marrying outsiders, so the President could only have fun with him in China and there was no way she would give him an official status! That was right!

Realization dawned on Big Dipper. “No wonder Sis Feng ordered us to secretly look into traces of the patriarch of the Si family after we came to China! She has a thing with him!”

Seven Star frowned and sighed with exasperation. As they said’ the mighty dragon was no match for the native serpent The Si family possessed immense power in China, and as the patriarch of the Si family, Si Yehan absolutely wasn’t one to be trifled with.

He was truly afraid of the President stirring some sort of trouble like willfully forcing Patriarch Si to be her boyfriend or something.

If Ye Wanwan knew Seven Star’s thoughts, she’d definitely spit in his face. She was the forced one, alright?!

Of course, she absolutely wouldn’t mention this kind of dark history.


At a certain secluded manor in Imperial City:

Lin Que finally returned to his original appearance and was gleefully browsing through gossip with his laptop in hand.

In front of the fireplace, a man was sitting on the sofa with his head propped on one hand while holding a book with his other hand, but his attention clearly wasn’t on the book.

As Lin Que browsed, he kept vocalizing his thoughts: “Tsk tsk tsk, look at your woman, Ninth Brother, she hasn’t simmered down for a second since she’s returned to China and keeps causing trouble every day…”

“Tsk tsk tsk, isn’t Fu Mingxi the grandson of that Second Elder from the Fearless Alliance? He looks like he has ulterior motives toward that ugly freak! Nice. Ninth Brother, how are you managing to ignore this?!”

“Tsk tsk tsk, Gu Yueze is rather shameless! The ugly freak already announced her identity as the big boss of Stars Corporation, so how could she have her eyes on a mere member of the Gu family? Does he think ugly freak is still the brain-dead teenager from back then?! His intelligence is simply beyond words! How can you stand this, Ninth Brother?”

“Tsk tsk tsk…” Lin Que kept prattling on when his eyes suddenly shot open upon seeing something. “Sh*t! Ninth Brother! Hurry and look at this!”

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