Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1812 - My taste isn’t that awful

Chapter 1812 My taste isn’t that awful

Ye Wanwan, who was walking forward while protected from the reporters, suddenly stopped and turned to one of the reporters.

A second of silence enveloped the scene.

When that reporter saw Ye Wanwan looking at her, she excitedly asked, “CEO Ye, I heard good things are coming for you and Mr. Gu? Will Stars Corporation collaborate with the Gu Group due to this relationship?”

Ye Wanwan humorously swept her eyes across all the reporters. “Gu Yueze and I? Apologies, but you seem to have misunderstood something.”

The reporters were bewildered. “Misunderstood something?”

Ye Wanwan aloofly replied, “My taste isn’t that awful.”

All the reporters were stupefied.


This Ye Wanwan is seriously arrogant”

With the Gu family’s power in Imperial City and Gu Yueze’s looks and character, he was the golden husband candidate for numerous socialites and heiresses. Otherwise, Ye Yiyi wouldn’t have done everything she could to steal him from Ye Wanwan.

Back then, everyone in the industry witnessed how Ye Wanwan made a fool of herself to chase after Gu Yueze.

“Ahem, Miss Ye, your words…” The reporter was at a loss for words…

“Back then, my taste… yes… it might’ve indeed been rather weird… Now though, I have a boyfriend, so I’d like to request all my media friends to refrain from believing the rumors,” Ye Wanwan interrupted the reporter and dropped another atomic bomb.


Ye Wanwan has a boyfriend already?

The reporter and their fellow reporters had been digging for so long but hadn’t been able to fish out any gossip like that!

Could it be someone in the industry too?!

“Miss Ye Wanwan, you already have a boyfriend? May I ask who he is? Is he from the entertainment industry?”

“Could it be a member of the Age of Immortals?” someone guessed.

Listening to the reporters’ ardent inquiries, Han Xianyu, Gong Xu, and the others were also surprised.

Ye Wanwan had always been very low-profile, so they didn’t expect her to publicize her romantic relationship so directly this time.

However, considering how revolting Gu Yueze’s actions were, it wasn’t strange that she would publicize her relationship.

Ye Mufan was also fairly astonished since he thought his sister had broken up with that pretty boy already.

After all, such a serious ordeal occurred in their family and his sister hadn’t mentioned that man after returning to the country, so he didn’t dare to mention it in fear of saddening her. He didn’t expect her to suddenly bring it up out of her own initiative.

Ye Wanwan frankly answered, “He isn’t from the entertainment industry. He’s a businessman, and you all should know him too.”

A businessman and also someone they knew?

Just who was it?!

“Could it be YL’s CEO? I think he publicly declared he was a fan of Ye Bai earlier, and gossip about them circulated for some time!”

“YL’s CEO is already more than 50 years old, no? He’s been divorced twice too…”

“It can’t be an artist under her, right?”

Amidst the intense discussion and pressing inquiries, Ye Wanwan nonchalantly continued, “His name is Si Yehan.”

All the reporters:“…”

Ye Mufan: “…”

Gong Xu:“…”

Luo Chen:“…”

Fu Mingxi:“…”

Aside from Big Dipper and Seven Star, who didn’t recognize the name “Si Yehan,” the rest of their group and all the reporters were flabbergasted.

Ye Mufan nearly bit his tongue as he stared at his sister, stupefied. He quietly cursed, “Sh*t! Wanwan, wh-who did you say? You clearly didn’t drink at all tonight!!!”

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