Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1811 - So handsome he shatters the earth’s shell

Chapter 1811 So handsome he shatters the earth’s shell

Gong Xu grunted and continued to say to the phone, “They’re incredibly loving, and the most important point is that Brother Ye’s boyfriend is so handsome he shatters the earth’s crust! A single hair from him could blow you to smithereens!

“Who wants you more than life itself? Who’s deeply in love with you? Who’s playing hard to get? You’re the freaking embodiment of a drama king, alright? You’re seriously too good at creating scenes for yourself! How could ugly swine like you dare to covet my Brother Ye?”

Everyone at the table, except for Big Dipper, Seven Star, and Fu Mingxi, had seen the “so handsome he shatters the earth’s crust” boyfriend that Gong Xu mentioned.

Seven Star imperceptibly furrowed his brows and automatically glanced at Ye Wanwan.

Meanwhile, Big Dipper quietly blurted out, “Sis Feng has a… has a boyfriend in China?”

Fu Mingxi asked, “Boyfriend? What boyfriend?”

After Gong Xu finished his tirade in one breath, Gu Yueze’s expression darkened as he listened to Gong Xu’s voice on the other end.

Gu Yueze had people privately investigate the matter and hadn’t discovered that Ye Wanwan was dating anyone during this period of time.

Hence, to him, this was merely a charade from Ye Wanwan.

As for artists like Gong Xu, Luo Chen, and even Fu Mingxi, he had never taken them seriously.

Soon, Gu Yueze responded with a voice message.

“Heh, Wanwan, I thought you were a clever girl and would know how to choose, but it appears I’ve overestimated you. I think you should know that there’s no one in Imperial City who’s worthy of you rejecting me.”

Gu Yueze’s strange words rang again, but this time, Big Dipper, Seven Star, and Fu Mingxi’s attention wasn’t focused on him anymore.

“You’re awesome, Brother Ye! You have a boyfriend in China too?” Big Dipper zealously asked.

Ye Wanwan:“…”

How in the world does Big Dipper manage to do this? Why do his words cause misunderstandings every time so easily? What does he mean I have a boyfriend in China too?

Do I have many, many boyfriends?!

Unfortunately, while Seven Star was able to successfully block out Fu Mingxi, he couldn’t do anything about Big Dipper. “Please erase the part ‘in China too’! Thank you!”

“Hey! Who’s Brother Ye’s boyfriend in China? Is he really that handsome?” Big Dipper was already akin to a wild horse broken free of its reins and eagerly pulled on Gong Xu to inquire.

Gong Xu nodded. “Although I don’t want to admit it, he really is very handsome…”

Fu Mingxi protested, “Gong Xu, aren’t you exaggerating too much?!”

In the end, the meal wrapped up amidst everyone’s insults for Gu Yueze and gossip about Ye Wanwan’s Chinese boyfriend.

After the meal concluded, they exited the hotel to return home individually and were about to enter their cars when a dark hoard of reporters rushed up.

Fei Yang’s expression instantly changed. “What’s going on? Did our itinerary get leaked? Let’s go!”

Any single person from their group could evoke a commotion, let alone so many gathered together.

To their lament, there were too many reporters and they were tightly blocking the hotel entrance, so Ye Wanwan and her group were stuck and unable to leave for the time being.

Thankfully, Big Dipper and Seven Star were martially inclined and stopped the crowd from pressing too close.

“Miss Ye Wanwan, regarding the rumors circulating around the internet about you and Mr. Gu, is there something you would like to say?”

“When you tearfully agreed to break the engagement back then, did you consider it your lifelong regret?”

“Did you publicly expose Ye Yiyi’s background to make Mr. Gu turn around and rekindle his old flame with you?”

Question after question was launched at Ye Wanwan like a series of cannonballs, causing Ye Wanwan to unwittingly scratch her ears. She felt like she was about to go deaf.

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