Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1810 - Had a boyfriend since a long time ago 

Chapter 1810 Had a boyfriend since a long time ago 

Everyone expressed an intense desire to live upon seeing Ye Wanwan about to consume alcohol.

“Brother Ye, come on, put it down, put it down! This is too dangerous!” Gong Xu nimbly snatched Ye Wanwan’s wine glass away.

Luo Chen quickly moved the alcohol bottle next to Ye Wanwan farther away.

Han Xianyu also brought over some strawberry juice prepared ahead of time, and Jiang Yanran quickly stood up to pour a glass for Ye Wanwan. “Wanwan, drink this strawberry juice. It’s freshly squeezed, so it’s delicious!”

Ye Mufan nodded frantically. “That’s right, that’s right. Sister, you’re a girl, so why are you drinking? I won’t allow it as your brother. You should drink juice like Yanran! Behave!”

“Right, right, right! They’re right!” Big Dipper piped in.

Ye Wanwan couldn’t describe her feelings as she stared at the pink strawberry juice in her hand.

In the end, under the strict watch of everyone at the table, Ye Wanwan had no choice but to use strawberry juice in place of alcohol to toast everyone.

Only then did Big Dipper relax and joyously urge everyone to stand up. “Come, come, come, cheers! We won’t leave until we’re drunk!”

Ye Wanwan: Drunk your a**!

Through the whole meal, Ye Wanwan’s stomach was forcefully filled with all sorts of fruit juice.

She didn’t crave alcohol but not being able to drink some alcohol in this kind of setting was truly too dull.

As she propped her head on her chin in utter boredom and sipped from a glass of another strangely-colored juice blended from some unknown fruits that Jiang Yanran poured for her, her phone suddenly chimed with a notification.

Ye Wanwan didn’t even look before clicking her phone open.

It was a voice message. The moment Ye Wanwan clicked it open, a man’s voice rang out from her phone. “Wanwan, are you free tomorrow night?”

A man!

A man’s voice!

The boisterous dinner table turned silent instantly, and everyone’s ears perked up. They looked like they were drinking and eating, but their attention was wholeheartedly concentrated on Ye Wanwan’s phone.


“Let’s have dinner together?”

Both Fu Mingxi’s ears and hair were standing up, and caution was evident on his face. If it weren’t for Seven Star watching him, he wouldn’t have been able to resist slapping the table and jumping up again.

Gong Xu used his proximity to Ye Wanwan and snuck a peek. “Brother Ye, who is it, who is it? D*mn… It’s G-gu Yueze! This scum still dares to hit on you?!”

Fu Mingxi immediately butted in: “Why’s this scum still pestering you? I’m telling you, Brother Ye, an impure and unchaste scum like him should be drowned in a pig cage and rolled over a board of nails! Block him already; why are you keeping scum like him around?”

Fu Mingxi was fairly resentful of the fact that Ye Wanwan once had an engagement with Gu Yueze.

Ye Wanwan didn’t block Gu Yueze before because she simply tossed him to the back of her mind. She wasn’t blocking him now though because…

“Heh, why should I block him? Don’t you think it’d be rather fun to take him out for a walk whenever you’re bored?” Ye Wanwan asked with a chuckle.

Without surprise, a new message notification rang from her phone as she said that.

It was another voice message from Gu Yueze. “Wanwan, you’re a smart person. You should know that there’s no point in playing hard to get for too long. I won’t always have the time.”

Pft, his words seriously didn’t disappoint her.

Gong Xu truly couldn’t hold back anymore and picked up Ye Wanwan’s phone and pressed on the voice message button before roaring, “Sh*t, Gu Yueze, are you a freaking idiot? Brother Ye has had a boyfriend since a long time ago!”

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