Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1809 - You’ve also suffered a beating?

Chapter 1809 You’ve also suffered a beating?

Han Xianyu sipped from his lemon water before saying: “Gu Yueze probably really thinks he’s still Ye Wanwan’s true love and that she never got over him. He thinks that as long as he shows a sign, Ye Wanwan will catch it immediately.”

Ye Wanwan smiled at Han Xianyu. “Very accurate.”

Gu Yueze probably actually thought that way since the previous “Ye Wanwan” was truly too infatuated with him and even did numerous idiotic things.

To Gu Yueze, Ye Wanwan’s desperate love for him was a deep-rooted belief.

Even after discovering that she got together with Si Yehan, Gu Yueze merely thought she was trying to take revenge against him and still deeply loved him in her heart.

Big Dipper was sitting next to Gong Xu and leaned close to his phone to take a closer look at Gu Yueze’s photo in the gossip article. “D*mn… No way, right?! Did you gorge on too much meat, Brother Ye? How could you stand to consume this type?”

“… Mind your words!” Ye Wanwan snapped.

What do you mean I gorged on too much meat? What meat did I eat?

Fu Mingxi lived his whole life in China so he naturally knew about Gu Yueze. He was instantly riled up when he heard that. “Sis… Brother Ye! You actually had an engagement with Gu Yueze?! What about me? We clearly had an engage—”

We clearly had an engagement prior to this!

Ye Wanwan almost lunged onto the table to cover his mouth.

Thankfully, Seven Star, who was sitting closer to him, did it for her.

“Woowoowoo…” Fu Mingxi was forcefully silenced.

At that moment, the servers brought alcohol to the table.

To avoid the miscreants, Big Dipper and Fu Mingxi, from running their mouths off again, Ye Wanwan fiercely glared at them before picking up the wine glass on the table and standing up. “Ahem, alright, alright. It’s rare for us to gather here so happily, so let’s not talk about unhappy things like this!”

Ye Wanwan looked over everyone sitting at the table gently. “I’m truly happy to know everyone here and honored to have you all as friends! Cheers, here’s a glass from me! We’re not leaving until we’re drunk tonight!”

Ye Wanwan gallantly raised the glass and tilted her head back to down the cup.

When Ye Wanwan was about to drink from the cup, nearly everyone jumped up— Gong Xu: “Brother Ye, no!”

Luo Chen: “Brother Ye, you can’t!”

Han Xianyu: “Ye Bai, hold on…”

Jiang Yanran: “Wanwan!”

Fei Yang: “Old Bro Ye, calm down!”

Ye Mufan, “Put it down, Wanwan!”

Seven Star: “Sis Feng!”

Big Dipper: “Boss, no, no, no! Put it down!!!”

Except for the clueless Fu Mingxi, nearly everyone at the table stood up and shouted, their hands reaching out to stop Ye Wanwan’s glass.

The scene was… rather spectacular…

When everyone reacted identically, the members of the Age of Immortals reflexively exchanged looks with their two new friends.

Big Dipper leaned toward Gong Xu and quietly asked, “Bro, say… have you also witnessed Brother Ye drunk?”

Gong Xu nodded like he had met a bosom friend.

“You’ve also suffered a beating?”

“The new car I bought got a huge hole!”

Big Dipper:”…”

Gong Xu:”…”

After this exchange, the duo tightly clasped their hands together and looked like people who had finally found a companion after ending up at the other end of the world.

As for Ye Wanwan, she was dumbstruck.

She exasperatedly looked at the group still recovering from their panic. “Really? When I’m drunk, I’m just slightly… slightly livelier…”

Everyone looked like a confused question mark meme. She calls that “slightly livelier”?

The ignorant Fu Mingxi asked with a frown, “That’s right! The president is just drinking some alcohol, why are you all overre—”

Before Fu Mingxi could finish speaking, his mouth was covered by the expressionless Seven Star again. “Woowoowoo…’

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