Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1808 - My sister will pay the bill 

Chapter 1808 My sister will pay the bill 

“Wanwan… You’ve worked hard…” Emotional tears filled Ye Shaoting’s eyes.

“Dad, we’re family! Why are you saying this?” Ye Wanwan hugged her father.

They might not be her biological parents, but Ye Shaoting had given her the most valuable paternal love.

Ye Mufan was bursting with excitement and kept bouncing up and down next to Ye Wanwan. “D*mn! Wanwan, you’re too freaking awesome! We’re from the same parents; isn’t this too unfair?! Do you have a genetic mutation, Wanwan?”

Ye Wanwan rolled her eyes at him. “Stop your nonsense. Hurry and go home to take a bath!”

Liang Wanjun nodded vehemently. “That’s right! Wash away the bad luck!”

After Stars Entertainment’s anniversary celebration ended, Ye Wanwan’s phone exploded with calls, and an endless amount of invitations paraded onto her phone.

However, she declined all of them and kept her parents company at home in the following few days. Eventually, she and Ye Mufan invited Han Xianyu, Luo Chen, Gong Xu, Jiang Yanran, and Fei Yang, as well as Big Dipper, Seven Star, and Fu Mingxi, who forcibly invited himself, for a meal.

Fei Yang reserved a table at a tower restaurant with great privacy, and everyone sat down at the table, relaxed.

Ye Wanwan pulled Jiang Yanran to sit on her right side, leaving an empty seat on her left which was swiftly snatched by Gong Xu.

Due to some obstructions from Big Dipper, Fu Mingxi only managed to land a corner spot a little far from Ye Wanwan.

At the table, Ye Wanwan introduced Fu Mingxi, Big Dipper, and Seven Star to everyone, and a harmonious atmosphere enveloped the table.

Han Xianyu said, “Congratulations CEO Ye, for righting your injustice!”

Luo Chen also butt in: “Congratulations, CEO Ye!”

Everyone else cheerfully piped in with their congratulations.

Ye Mufan sighed. “Thank you for your hard work throughout this period! Open your mouth wide today and eat your fill! My sister will pay the bill!”

Ye Mufan said “My sister will pay the bill” like it went without saying.

Ye Wanwan looked somewhat exasperated but the comers of her lips unwittingly turned up.

In the Independent State, she walked every step with her heart hanging off a cliff. Now that she had returned to China and reunited with her friends, she hadn’t been able to feel so relaxed for a long time.

On the table, Gong Xu’s phone kept going off “Ding ding ding” as though special notifications for some topic he set up were popping up.

Gong Xu offhandedly clicked it open and promptly slapped the table, exclaiming, “D*mn! What the heck is Gu Yueze up to? Isn’t this notice too freaking shameless? He actually said you’ve always been deeply in love with him, Brother Ye! He’s saying you love him more than life itself and desperately yearned for him even after you broke off your engagement with him! Blah! Couldn’t he make up a more believable story?”

Fei Yang had received many messages from his friends in the industry asking him about Ye Wanwan’s relationship with Gu Yueze, but he didn’t mention it to avoid affecting everyone’s meal. Since Gong Xu rashly brought it up, he interjected, “It hasn’t been many days since the court hearing concluded, but this press release was already written and published. The Gu Group’s public relations works rather fast.”

Earlier, Jiang Yanran was worried that Ye Wanwan would become sad at the mention of Gu Yueze, but now, she lost all worries. Upon hearing this, she scornfully said, “Back when Uncle Ye fell on desperate times, Gu Yueze impatiently broke off his engagement with Wanwan and cut their ties. Now, as soon as he learned about Wanwan’s identity, he audaciously wants to claim some relation to her! What a clever plan!”

Ye Mufan commented as well: “And I thought I was scum enough already, but there’s always someone even scummier out there!”

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