Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1801 - Requite kindness with enmity

Chapter 1801 Requite kindness with enmity

Everyone turned to each other after hearing that.

After Ye Wanwan left China, Yao Jiawen announced that Ye Wanwan embezzled all of the Age of Immortals’ funds and established herself as the Age of Immortals’ savior who tenaciously stood by the Age of Immortals in its most difficult times before finally leading the Age of Immortals out of its problems. She painted her image to be immensely heroic.

However, Yao Jiawen’s intentionally-drawn image was easily shattered by a few words from Ye Wanwan tonight.

If Ye Wanwan said this kind of thing with Ye Bai’s identity, no one might believe her.

But if Ye Wanwan denounced Yao Jiawen as the big boss of Stars Corporation, the effect would be utterly different. “No… That’s not it!” Yao Jiawen loudly tried to explain.

Ye Wanwan aloofly glanced at Yao Jiawen with a bone-chilling smile hanging from her lips. “Yao Jiawen, back then, I used my status as the Director of the Talent Recruitment Department to draw you into the Age of Immortals when you were hitting walls and failures every which way, and I wholeheartedly trained you.

“However, after I left, you embezzled all of the Age of Immortals’ funds but claimed that it was me who embezzled funds to the outside world. Moreover, you forced the Age of Immortals’ artists to shoot crude portraits, produce rotten films, and act as a garnish for Shao Heng…”

An uproar reverberated through the venue.

Before Ye Wanwan said this today, who would’ve expected Yao Jiawen to be this kind of despicable and shameless person?

When Yao Jiawen was penniless, it was Ye Wanwan who helped her, so it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say Ye Wanwan was Yao Jiawen’s biggest benefactor in her life. However, Yao Jiawen took advantage of Ye Wanwan’s absence to frame her and steal the Age of Immortals!

All the reporters rushed toward Yao Jiawen, surrounding her impenetrably.

“CEO Yao…Are Ye Bai’s words true? Did Ye Bai help you in your most desperate times, but you repaid kindness with malice and stole Ye Bai’s Age of Immortals after embezzling its funds?”

Yao Jiawen frantically shook her head. “It’s a lie! What evidence does she have to say this? She was the culprit, but she’s framing me instead now!”

“CEO Yao, you’re saying Ye Bai is framing you?” A reporter looked at her derisively. “CEO Yao, Ye Bai is the owner of Stars Corporation. At the risk of sounding mean, is the Age of Immortals’ funds greater than what Stars Entertainment can earn in an hour?

“Why would Ye Bai have to risk violating the law to do this? Would you go and steal a dollar, CEO Yao?”

Yao Jiawen feebly opened her mouth but couldn’t utter anything in response.

Every single one of her explanations would appear frail and empty. No matter what she said, no one would believe her…

All of this was attributed to the stunning truth of Ye Bai’s identity as the big boss of Stars Corporation. This identity alone was enough.

All hell broke loose once again on China’s various live broadcast platforms in response to Ye Wanwan’s words and a myriad of insults and admonishment were directed towards Yao Jiawen.

Ye Yiyi imperceptibly sent a reporter a look.

Ye Yiyi knew that Ye Wanwan would attend Star’s celebration tonight, so she intentionally hired a reporter to use this opportunity to shatter Ye Wanwan’s reputation completely and turn her into a street rat that everyone despised.

“Chairman Ye, can I ask you a few questions?” a reporter quickly asked Ye Wanwan.

“You may.” Ye Wanwan nodded.

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