Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1802 - I never succumb to this formula

Chapter 1802 I never succumb to this formula

“Chairman Ye, as everyone knows, you’re a member of the Ye family, and your father and brother were charged for murdering Ye Yiyi’s father with irrefutable evidence. Now, you seem to be unilaterally breaking off Stars Entertainment’s investment and cooperation with Emperor Sky Entertainment, which is the life’s work of the Ye family, like an act of vengeance…

“Moreover, back then, your father was the CEO of Emperor Sky Entertainment but was kicked out of the Ye family because he embezzled company funds to pay off his gambling debt and was involved in criminal activities. Is everything you’re doing currently an act of revenge, Chairman Ye…?

“If you are seeking revenge, I don’t think the Ye family has done anything wrong. Instead, the wrongdoers are you, your parents, and your brother, Ye Mufan.”

Everyone’s eyes landed on Ye Wanwan again.

An icy smugness surfaced in Ye Yiyi’s eyes but she sighed in reply, “Sister, I know you hate our family… But by using this kind of method, the entire Ye family, not just us, will come to ruin…”

“Ye Wanwan, Yiyi is still your sister after all and took great care of you once. She’s forgiven you for all of your wrongs… Although you’re now Stars’ big boss, how could you use such dirty and shameless methods? The Ye family didn’t do anything wrong.” Gu Yueze echoed in agreement.

This b*stard…” Ye Hongwei’s face was flushed red, and he had one hand clasping his crutch as he glared at Ye Wanwan. “I was thoroughly disappointed by your father and brother, and I even once considered giving you all a chance!

“However, they not only incompetently ruined the company but they also dared to commit murder! And you! Not only did you not reflect and repent on it, but you also used this kind of method to harm the Ye family. Are you still a person?!”

“Heh, Chairman Ye, don’t you think this is truly unjust?” The reporter from earlier continued to hound Ye Wanwan.

Following this round of inquiries, China’s various major live broadcast platforms welcomed another round of insults from the keyboard warriors.

Director Li glared at the reporter furiously. “Whose reporter are you? Security, kick him out!”

Ye Wanwan waved her hand and looked at the reporter with a chuckle. “You raised a good question.”

“First of all, I don’t hold any relationship with the Ye family, and the matter-of-course beliefs that you hold merely hijack morality to condemn me. Unfortunately, I’ve never succumbed to this formula.”

Ye Wanwan glanced at the reporter, Ye Yiyi, and Ye Hongwei before continuing: “Second of all, I’m the owner of Stars, so I need to be responsible for my company. I don’t think Emperor Sky Entertainment has the strength and qualifications deserving of investment and partnership from Stars.”

“We previously invested in several international artists from Stars, but Emperor Sky didn’t raise their popularity in China at all nor did they provide Stars with the anticipated profits. Hence, what issue is there in Stars choosing to withdraw our funds and terminate our partnership?”

The reporter furrowed his brows.

Ye Wanwan focused on the reporter. “Or do you think an international company like Stars manages to grow bigger and stronger from personal feelings alone and doesn’t need to consider the situation and the gains and losses? Everything I’m saying has obvious reasoning, but do you know why I’m talking in such simple terms?”

“What do you mean to say, Chairman Ye?” the reporter questioned.

“Because I’m afraid that you might not understand, considering your circumstances, if I said anything more profound,” Ye Wanwan answered.

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