Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1800 - Ingrate

Chapter 1800 Ingrate

Ye Wanwan coolly looked at Ye Hongwei without a ripple of emotion in her eyes.

“Sister, how can you speak to Grandfather like this…”

Ye Yiyi suddenly asked Ye Wanwan with a frown.

The majority of the celebrities and reporters present knew Ye Wanwan’s identity and knew that she was Ye Hongwei’s granddaughter and was naturally a member of the Ye family.

“That’s right, Ye Wanwan. Since you’re the owner of Stars Corporation and also a member of the Ye family, logically speaking, Stars Corporation is considered an asset of the Ye family. So aren’t you just intentionally angering Grandfather like this?” Gu Yueze hastily butted in as well.

Gong Xu, Jiang Yanran, and the others all looked furious. They had seen shameless people before but not to this extent. How could they have the face to say something like this?!

Ye Wanwan smiled. “A member of the Ye family? Who said I’m a member of the Ye family?”

“Insolence! Even if you’re not a member of the Ye family, you can’t withdraw the funds! You’re breaching our contract!” Ye Hongwei trembled from anger.

“Elder Ye, please be mindful of your words or else I’ll have to order security to ask you to leave,” Director Li interjected with a displeased expression from the stage.

Director Zhou and Director Li had to have been incredibly astute to get promoted to branch directors of Stars Entertainment, so they naturally detected Ye Wanwan’s attitude toward the Ye family. This was the time for them to prove themselves in front of big boss!

How could they relinquish this opportunity to prove themselves?!

“Our Stars Corporation can pay the penalty fee,” Ye Wanwan replied indifferently.

“Chairman Ye, I’ll contact the lawyer today and transfer it to them after calculating the penalty fee,” Director Zhou quickly promised.


Ye Hongwei pointed at Ye Wanwan and fell back, splayed on his chair. Emperor Sky Entertainment—his life’s blood…

“Of course, I’m not a heartless person. Our Stars Entertainment can also acquire Emperor Sky if you’re willing,” Ye Wanwan added.

“You want to acquire Emperor Sky Entertainment?! Keep dreaming!” Ye Hongwei yelled, fuming.

Ye Wanwan shrugged. “Whatever you want.”

Ye Wanwan stopped paying attention to Ye Hongwei and his group and turned to Yao Jiawen sitting close to them.

“I single-handedly created the Age of Immortals but had to leave China due to private matters some time ago. However, Yao Jiawen took advantage of my absence to embezzle all of the Age of Immortals’ funds and claimed to the outside world that it was me who embezzled the funds,” Ye Wanwan said with a faint smile.

Yao Jiawen’s expression changed. She hastily stood up and explained to the reporters, “I didn’t! Ye Bai is venomously slandering me! How could I have embezzled the Age of Immortals’ funds… It was Ye Bai…”

“It was me?” Ye Wanwan peered at Yao Jiawen, her lips turning up with a meaningful smile. “What you’re saying is that I, the owner of Stars Corporation, decided to embezzle the Age of Immortals’ minute funds at the risk of committing a crime. Is that what you mean?”

A commotion snaked through the venue.

Stars Entertainment’s assets by itself was already a terrifying amount, and Stars Entertainment was merely a subsidiary of Stars Corporation, so the net worth of the entire Stars Corporation…

Ye Bai, the boss of Stars, embezzled the funds of the Age of Immortals? What could those funds do for the boss of Stars? Eat breakfast?!

“It was me who created the Age of Immortals, and when Yao Jiawen was unable to even find a job back then, I cherished talent, so I brought her into the Age of Immortals. Unfortunately, I merely picked up an ingrate.” Ye Wanwan kept the smile on her face as she continued.

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