Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1799 - What you’re relying on

Chapter 1799 What you’re relying on

Shao Heng shot up and pointed at Ye Wanwan. “What right do you have to terminate my contract… Are you the owner of Stars Corporation simply because you say you are… You…”

Before Shao Heng could finish speaking, Director Zhou impatiently waved his hand and made the security forcefully escort Shao Heng out of the venue.

“As for Shao Heng’s supporter, who’s also his grandfather, he has disregarded the company’s image and twisted the truth… From this moment onward, Stars Corporation will terminate our contract with him, and Director Zhou and Director Li will temporarily take charge of the branch he manages, as well as all the artists under him,” Ye Wanwan continued.

Excitement surfaced in Director Zhou and Director Li’s eyes. They were going to share all the resources of another branch… This was too satisfying!

Many reporters stepped forward to defend Shao Heng’s grandfather against this “injustice.”

“Chairman Ye, Shao Heng’s grandfather, Elder Wang, has accomplished many things for Stars Entertainment, but you’re kicking him out of Stars Entertainment for a mere minor mistake. Isn’t this too unreasonable?”

“That’s right. Don’t you think your decision is too inappropriate, Chairman Ye?”

Ye Wanwan expressionlessly glanced at the inquiring reporters and indifferently responded, “I’m the owner of Stars, so whatever I say is the principle. Do you have any other questions?”

The reporters looked at each other, rendered speechless.

“Next, I’ll be addressing an issue related to Emperor Sky Entertainment.” Ye Wanwan glanced at Ye Yiyi and Gu Yueze. “I hereby announce that Stars Entertainment will terminate every partnership it has with Emperor Sky Entertainment. We will recover all of the artists that we transferred to Emperor Sky Entertainment and withdraw all funds.”


Ye Yiyi and Gu Yueze’s expressions snapped.

If Ye Wanwan really did this, it would be an absolutely fatal blow to Emperor Sky Entertainment!

Although Stars Entertainment would have to pay a penalty for one-sidedly terminating their contract, this compensation was nothing in the face of Emperor Sky Entertainment’s subsequent damage!

“What did you say?!” Ye Hongwei stood up and angrily glared at Ye Wanwan. “How dare you spout nonsense in this kind of setting?!”

Ye Wanwan glanced at Ye Hongwei and dryly asked, “What identity are you using to speak to me in this manner in this type of setting, Elder Ye?”

When Ye Mufan and Ye Shaoting were wrongly accused, where was he? Why had he never believed in his son and grandson?

When she was forced to leave China, where was he? Did he show any concern for her?

When their whole family was in dire straits, where was her supposed grandfather?

Moreover, since Ye Hongwei chose Ye Yiyi’s family, it was the same as giving up on her family. Ye Hongwei had never admitted she was his granddaughter in the face of the reporters’ inquiries.

It was true that she had never been a member of the Ye family and didn’t share any blood relationships with them.

The only ones she needed to pay back were her parents and brother. As for the rest of the Ye family… they broke off all connections to her a long time ago.

“Wh-what did you say?! I’m telling you, immediately take back what you just said and re-merge Emperor Sky and Stars! Did you hear me?!” Ye Hongwei angrily shouted.

“Chairman Ye, are you threatening me?” Ye Wanwan aloofly glanced at Ye Hongwei.


“Oh?” Ye Wanwan smiled faintly. “Then I’m very curious as to what you’re relying on?”

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