Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1798 - Please speak a few words, Chairman Ye 

Chapter 1798 Please speak a few words, Chairman Ye 

The platforms live broadcasting this event completely exploded.

[Don’t wait for a barren Zhezhi: Hahaha, I’m gonna die from laughter… What a good show… Where are those keyboard warriors who said Ye Bai is relying on Fu Mingxi to make a comeback?]

[The Buddha Jumps Over the Wall on my tongue: Haha, after all this commotion, Ye Bai turned out to be Stars Corporation’s big boss. Shao Heng? Fu Mingxi? To put it bluntly, they’re all working for Ye Bai, right? Didn’t those keyboard warriors want to lie in wait for Ye Bai…? And those who claimed they were going to kill Ye Bai…? I support you! Hurry and go! Don’t humiliate yourself.]

[I have a cute wife: I also saw someone saying they were going to ban Ye Bai… and claim Ye Bai was a criminal for embezzling the Age of Immortals’ funds? How absurd! Stars Entertainment is just a minor company under Stars Corporation, and Ye Bai is the owner of Stars Corporation, yet people think she embezzled the Age of Immortals’ funds…? I admire her!]

Following the announcement of Ye Wanwan’s identity, some of Ye Bai’s earlier fans were instantly resurrected and launched into their roasting and face-slapping modes. As for those netizens who participated in the attack on Ye Bai, they were instantly drowned and roasted skinless, and not a single person dared to step forward and resist.

Stars Corporation’s big boss needed to latch onto Fu Mingxi’s thigh?! She needed to rely on Fu Mingxi to ruin Shao Heng?!

Ye Bai probably only needed to say the word and both Fu Mingxi and Shao Heng would become unemployed…

At that moment, the artists familiar with Ye Bai—Luo Chen, Gong Xu, Han Xianyu, etc.—all looked like they had seen a ghost as they looked at Ye Wanwan.

“D*mn… D*mn… Brother Ye is… the big boss of Stars Corporation? I’m not dreaming, right?!” Gong Xu looked at Luo Chen and Jiang Yanran.

“Um… I don’t know either…” Jiang Yanran shook her head. She’d never heard Ye Wanwan mention this…

“Even Stars Entertainment’s Director Zhou and Director Li are saying this. Do you think it could be fake?” Luo Chen might find it unbelievable, but two directors from Stars Entertainment announced it, so it had to be real.

“Then… then are we… the same as princes?” Gong Xu asked dazedly.

Han Xianyu:“…”

Luo Chen: “…”

Jiang Yanran: “Then I should be a princess…”

Ye Hongwei suddenly stood up and looked at the two directors. “Director Zhou… Director Li… you just said she was the owner of Stars Corporation… but that’s impossible, right… Stars Corporation has been in operation for many years, but how old is she…?”

Director Zhou glanced at Ye Hongwei and smiled aloofly. “Elderly Sir Ye, what are you saying? Could Director Li and I dare to joke about something like this?”

Ye Hongwei knitted his brows as he stared at Ye Wanwan. If Ye Wanwan was the owner of Stars Corporation, why hadn’t she ever mentioned it at home?!

Moreover, something like this was too absurd…

“Wanwan, since you’re the owner of Stars Corporation, Emperor Sky Entertainment will merge with Stars Entertainment and become sister companies from now on,” Ye Hongwei immediately ordered Ye Wanwan.

However, Ye Wanwan didn’t respond to him at all nor did she even glance at him.

“Haha, since you’ve come up on stage, please speak a few words, Chairman Ye…” Director Zhou said to Ye Wanwan genially.

“Alright, since Director Zhou insists, I will say a few words.” Ye Wanwan looked up and swept her eyes over the venue before calmly saying, “Yesterday, Fu Mingxi did indeed attack Shao Heng at Shao Heng’s birthday party, and it was my wish…Relying on his popularity and background, Shao Heng acts undisciplined and out of control, considering everyone else beneath him. He’s humiliated his fellow artists several times and completely lost respect for the entertainment industry. Hence, I hereby announce that Stars Entertainment will one-sidedly terminate our work contract with our artist, Shao Heng.”

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