Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1797 - What kind of joke is this?Little Sweet

Chapter 1797 What kind of joke is this?Little Sweet

Director Zhou stood next to Ye Wanwan with a gentle smile on his face as his eyes ran over the venue. “I believe everyone isn’t too unfamiliar with this lady standing next to me… Her name is Ye Bai and she once singlehandedly founded the Age of Immortals… However, Chairman Ye also has a different identity. I believe that everyone is unaware of the fact that Chairman Ye is also the top boss of our Stars Corporation aside from being the founder of the Age of Immortals… Let me emphasize that I’m not talking about Stars Entertainment solely. Chairman Ye is the top boss of the entire Stars Corporation.”

“Haha, thanks to Director Zhou’s numerous invitations, Chairman Ye reluctantly agreed to attend Stars’ anniversary celebration this year. I’ll represent every employee and artist under Stars Entertainment to thank Chairman Ye for gracing us with her presence!” the elderly Director Li also hastily butted in.

Everyone’s eyes shot to Ye Wanwan, and some people’s eyes were wide open and their mouths agape like they had seen a ghost.

Silence. Following Director Zhou and Director Li’s words, dead silence enveloped the venue, and even the drop of a needle could be heard.

Director Zhou and Director Li were both top branch directors of Stars Entertainment in China, so there was no way they were lying…

A matter like Stars Corporation’s big boss showing up couldn’t be spoken recklessly, and Director Zhou and Director Li absolutely wouldn’t joke about this type of matter in this kind of setting. Otherwise, they might not be able to keep their jobs anymore.

Shao Heng was stupefied and reflexively turned to his similarly stunned grandfather.

“H-how… how’s this possible?!”

Shao Heng’s grandfather looked at the tranquil Ye Wanwan, his breathing growing heavy and sweat soaking his forehead.

That woman… how’s it possible…?

As one of the branch directors of Stars Entertainment, Shao Heng’s grandfather naturally knew that the big boss of Stars Corporation Director Zhou and Director Li mentioned was complete rubbish…

It wasn’t the big boss who came! It was big boss’ boss, alright?!

In other words, the big boss of Stars Corporation merely worked under this woman!

“Grandpa… She’s Stars Corporation’s big boss? How’s that possible… Those two old geezers must be lying… They must be scheming something!” Shao Heng made accusations immediately.

The elderly man instantly turned to Shao Heng and ruthlessly backhanded his face. “Grandpa…” Shao Heng clutched his face, baffled by his grandfather’s slap.

“Shut up!!!” His grandfather angrily glared at him. “You’ve destroyed me, b*stard!!!M

On the other hand, Ye Yiyi’s expression was a bit dazed as she watched Ye Wanwan coolly standing on the stage.

Next to Ye Yiyi, Gu Yueze was intently staring at the dazzling Ye Yiyi in the limelight, his expression becoming increasingly shocked. Ye Wanwan is… the top boss of Stars Corporation? How is that possible…? How could this be?!

“What did Director Zhou and Director Li just say…? Ye Wanwan is the boss of Stars Corporation???’

Ye Hongwei frowned deeply, thinking he had heard wrong.

He knew Ye Wanwan’s abilities, so what kind of cosmetic joke was it that Ye Wanwan could be the boss of Stars Corporation?!

“That’s absolutely impossible!” Yao Jiawen’s heart intensely pounded in her chest. Ye Bai absolutely couldn’t be linked to the big boss of Stars Corporation!

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