Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1796 - Ye Wanwan was Stars’ big boss

Chapter 1796 Ye Wanwan was Stars’ big boss

“Big boss is here?” Shao Heng looked at his grandfather.

The elderly man frowned. “I previously heard that big boss’ boss came to China… though we weren’t the ones who received them. I originally thought they were just passing by, but they’re actually attending this year’s anniversary and Zhou Tao and Li Fu didn’t tell me?!”

Director Zhou smiled and made introductions. “Next, we’ll have our Stars Corporation’s big boss come up and greet everyone!”

Thunderous applause and cheers clamored through the venue.

The netizens on various platforms also held their breaths and the flood of comments also slowed as everyone wanted to see the resplendence of Stars Corporation’s big boss.

However, on the monitor, all they saw was Ye Wanwan, dressed in a black female suit, standing up expressionlessly and walking toward the stage.

At the venue, Ye Yiyi and Gu Yueze glanced at her aloofly. What the heck was this woman doing? Did she want to attract the attention of Stars’ big boss using this kind of method?

“How pitiful.” Gu Yueze snorted.

“It appeared she’s really gone mad,” Ye Yiyi also commented dryly.

Some higher-ups and artists from Emperor Sky Entertainment stared at Ye Wanwan, bewildered.

Fu Mingxi’s manager looked at Ye Wanwan with astonishment. “What’s she doing? Did your partner go mad?!”

Fu Mingxi glanced at his manager, disinclined to answer.

In the back, Gong Xu rubbed his eyes and turned to Luo Chen next to him. MD*mn… What is Brother Ye doing?!”

Luo Chen furrowed his brows and shook his head lightly. “How would I know…”

An ominous feeling also surged through Han Xianyu. The Ye Bai he knew absolutely wouldn’t do something like this in this kind of setting, and there was no way he’d believe Ye Bai was really doing this to attract the attention of Stars Corporation’s big boss like others were saying…

In China’s various online platforms:

[The past drifted with the wind: Did that bloody b*tch go mad?! They’re inviting Stars’ big boss to go up on stage. Why’s she standing up?!]

[The apple of daddy’s eyes: Heh… Don’t tell me she thinks Fu Mingxi’s thigh isn’t thick enough, so she wants to attract the eyes of Stars’ big boss like this…]

[BBQ: Her? She wants to attract the attention of Stars’ big boss? Does she really know what kind of figure Stars’ big boss is? What kind of woman hasn’t he seen? How could he take a fancy to this bloody b*tch?!]

[I love Shao Heng: Get down, get down!]

Back at the guest area of the venue, Ye Hongwei was flushed red and trembling with fury. He turned to Ye Yiyi and Gu Yueze. “Why aren’t you going up there and dragging that humiliating scoundrel back here?! Does that little b*stard want to completely disgrace our Ye family?! What if she’s blamed by Stars Corporation’s big boss? How could our Ye

family and Emperor Sky Entertainment shoulder this responsibility?!”

However, Ye Wanwan had already arrived on stage.

“Long time no see, Xie Zhezhi,” Ye Wanwan softly greeted Xie Zhezhi on the stage.

“Miss Ye, it’s truly been a long time. I feel like it_s been a lifetime ago since we chatted over dinner,” Xie Zhezhi replied with a smile.

Ye Wanwan sank into thought. It did seem like a lifetime ago…

“That woman even knows Xie Zhezhi?! Wait no… I should say, Xie Zhezhi actually knows her?!”

“That’s impossible, right? How could someone like Xie Zhezhi know Ye Bai?! And they look like friends?!”

Some of the industry’s celebrities were all stunned.

“Can everyone please be quiet?”

Ye Wanwan impatiently demanded with a furrow of her brows.

Many artists looked displeased. Who did Ye Bai think she was by telling them to be quiet?!

“Haha, don’t be angry, Boss. It’s because this is everyone’s first time meeting you, Boss, so they can’t help but be excited! It’s everyone’s honor that you could attend Stars Entertainment’s anniversary celebration this year!”

On the stage, Director Zhou suddenly turned to Ye Wanwan and spoke with an ingratiating smile.

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