Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1795 - Let’s welcome the boss of Stars to come onto the stage

Chapter 1795 Let’s welcome the boss of Stars to come onto the stage

At this point in the live broadcast, the insults and accusations directed at Ye Wanwan on China’s various major forums had reached their peak. Some people even declared they were going to kill Ye Wanwan.

The majority of Fu Mingxi’s fans also aimed their attacks at Ye Wanwan in order to erase the blame on Fu Mingxi. They all hoped everyone to give Fu Mingxi a chance because Fu Mingxi was merely bewitched by Ye Wanwan.

[Mingxi’s Love: This bloody b*tch has ruined Mingxi!!!]

[Protect my Shao Heng: She deserves everything! A gold-digger like her seriously wants to transform into a phoenix? Who does she think she is?! How dare she incite Fu Mingxi to attack my Shao Heng?!]

[Little Hopping Bear: A woman like her deserves to be turned into mincemeat! And Mingxi! How could he be bewitched by this woman and bring her to attend Stars Entertainment’s anniversary celebration?! What right does she have to sit there? Who said she’s qualified to attend Stars Entertainment’s anniversary?!]

From the guest area, Director Zhou and Fu Mingxi looked at Shao Heng and his grandfather like they were idiots.

A branch director wanted to fire the grandson of Stars Corporation’s boss… Was he freaking tired of living…?

Fu Mingxi’s manager also shook his head in exasperation. This matter had truly gotten out of hand.

Emperor Sky Entertainment’s higher-ups were all looking at Ye Wanwan with smirks.

Gu Yueze chuckled mockingly. “It’s rather a feat for a woman to humiliate herself to the entire world.”

Ye Hongwei harshly glared at Ye Wanwan and tightly clutched his crutch with both hands. If it weren’t for this special occasion, Ye Hongwei probably would’ve raised his crutches and started hitting Ye Wanwan already.

Xie Zhezhi stood on the stage and laughed awkwardly. “Next, please welcome Stars Entertainment’s Director Zhou and Director Li onto the stage.”

Following Xie Zhezhi’s words, Director Zhou and an elderly man with a head of white hair stood up and ascended the stage.

The white-haired elderly man, Director Li, was the third branch director of Stars Entertainment and had a good relationship with Director Zhou, so Director Zhou told him everything already.

Director Li first glanced at Ye Wanwan with a big smile before turning to everyone else. “Truthfully, I have nothing much to say. I just think the anniversary celebration this year is the most interesting and fun anniversary I’ve ever seen.”

Many reporters were confused by what Director Li meant.

Director Zhou smiled faintly. “I also don’t have much to say. However… I should reveal a piece of news to everyone: The big boss of our Stars Corporation is also in attendance today!”

All hell broke loose at the venue and major web forums. Stars Corporation’s big boss…

It wasn’t just Stars Entertainment! It was the entire Stars Corporation!

Stars Corporation was involved in too many industries, and Stars Entertainment was merely a subsidiary of Stars Corporation!

Ever since Stars Corporation was established, no one had ever seen an appearance from Stars Corporation’s big boss! But this enigmatic big boss was actually attending today’s event?!

Everyone curiously examined their surroundings.

“Really…?” Ye Yiyi also reflexively looked around her with astonishment.

Gu Yueze became invigorated instantly. He would like to take a good look at Stars Corporation’s big boss…

Even Ye Hongwei straightened up and looked around him. Not just anybody could see Stars Corporation’s big boss. Shao Heng and his grandfather were startled.

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