Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1794 - Xie Zhezhi

Chapter 1794 Xie Zhezhi

Soon, Shao Heng also entered and sat to the left of Fu Mingxi. He looked at Ye Wanwan and Fu Mingxi with a sneer. Today, he’d watch as these two died!

“Hello-” Xie Zhezhi languidly walked onto the stage in a red suit.

“D*mn …”

“I’m not seeing things, right?!”

“Xie Zhezhi!”

“I was wondering why I didn’t see Xie Zhezhi on the guest list! He actually took up being a host at Stars Entertainment’s anniversary…”

“Xie Zhezhi hasn’t appeared in a long time right…? My idol is so awesome…”

Xie Zhezhi was a top-tier artist in China’s entertainment industry and was a legend who reached the peak the day he debuted and never experienced any low points in his career…

“I’m very honored to serve as the host of Stars Entertainment’s anniversary celebration this year… Everyone shouldn’t be too unfamiliar with me, right?” A mesmerizing smile turned up on Xie Zhezhi’s face.

Many male artists started clapping while a myriad of female artists started cheering in excitement.

“Alright… I won’t waste any time. Let’s welcome Emperor Sky Entertainment’s representative to speak!” Xie Zhezhi continued.

Gu Yueze and Ye Yiyi both walked onto the stage, the focus of millions of people, and they announced that Emperor Sky Entertainment had determined a battle strategy with Stars Entertainment.

Yao Jiawen stared at Ye Wanwan with bone-chilling frostiness. Emperor Sky Entertainment had determined a battle strategy with Stars Entertainment, so from now on, there was no possibility for Ye Bai to make a comeback. The entire entertainment industry would belong to them!

“Congratulations, congratulations, Elderly Sir Ye…”

“Haha, Mr. Ye is rather blessed! You have such a wonderful granddaughter and grandson-in-law!”

Some of the entertainment industry’s seniors started congratulating Ye Hongwei.

Ye Hongwei nodded in response, his face glowing with satisfaction.

After Ye Yiyi and Gu Yueze left the stage, Shao Heng quickly walked up.

“I’m on stage today because there’s a matter that will keep plaguing me unless I tell everyone,” Shao Heng said.

The venue abruptly became quiet. Everyone knew that the matter Shao Heng was talking about was probably the events of yesterday’s birthday party.

“Last night, Fu Mingxi vilely insulted me and even assaulted me at my birthday party… There was also Ye Bai who I didn’t invite but crashed my party without permission and incited Fu Mingxi to attack me. I’d like to ask everyone— what kind of proper behavior is this?”

Everyone’s gazes instantly landed on Ye Wanwan and Fu Mingxi.

Yao Jiawen suddenly stood up and righteously exclaimed, “All of us here know Best Actor Fu’s character, so it’s obviously Ye Bai’s fault. Ye Bai previous embezzled all of the Age of Immortals’ funds and fled the country. I have no idea how someone like her managed to land a spot in the guest area today.”

Many artists surveyed Ye Wanwan with odd expressions.

Xie Zhezhi turned to Ye Wanwan with some surprise in his expression but didn’t say anything.

As they spoke, an elderly man walked onto the stage.

This elderly man was Shao Heng’s grandfather, a branch director of Stars Entertainment in China.

“I’m very regretful that this kind of situation occurred at our Stars Entertainment. Fu Mingxi has clearly violated some of Stars Entertainment’s rules and seriously damaged Stars Entertainment’s reputation. Hence, I hereby announce that Stars Entertainment will terminate its artist contract with Fu Mingxi!” the elderly man coldly announced.

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