Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1793 - 1793 The pressure of public opinion

1793 The pressure of public opinion

Ye Hongwei snorted and replied with a dark expression, “I’ve never had a granddaughter like her. All she cares about is money; she would do anything for money. There’s no point mentioning a fiend like her!”

Ever since news erupted of Ye Wanwan embezzling the of Immortals’ funds and the Ye family’s name was smeared in conjunction, Ye Hongwei wanted nothing more than to personally strange Ye Wanwan to death. Thankfully, Ye Yiyi took out some funds to fill the Age of Immortals’ gap!

Yesterday, news erupted again of Ye Wanwan ensnaring Fu Mingxi and causing Fu Mingxi to assault Shao Heng. How could this kind of mongrel be the granddaughter of him, Ye Hongwei?!

He originally held hope for her, but a leopard couldn’t change its spots.

Gu Yueze was also sneering and inwardly rejoicing in the fact that he didn’t choose Ye Wanwan back then. It was the wisest choice of his life.

Before the reporters could continue hounding them, they saw Fu Mingxi and his manager walking toward the guest seating.

At the sight of Fu Mingxi, the reporters immediately surrounded them.

“Fu Mingxi… What’s your relationship with Ye Bai? We heard you attacked Shao Heng yesterday? May we ask about the reason?”

“Right now, everyone on the internet says it was Ye Bai who instigated the trouble…”

“Before Ye Wanwan left, she embezzled the Age of Immortals’ funds, so she’s clearly a white-collar criminal. Don’t you know this, Best Actor Fu…?M

Faced with a tirade of questions, Fu Mingxi remained expressionless. “No comment.”

“Sis—Brother Ye, let’s go…”

Fu Mingxi turned around and suggested leaving to Ye Wanwan, who was standing behind him while surrounded by Big Dipper and Seven Star.

Ye Bai?!”

The reporters boiled with fervor instantly at the sight of Ye Wanwan.

Gu Yueze derisively glanced at Ye Wanwan, his lips curling into a contemptuous sneer.

“Ye Bai, where did you go after embezzling the Age of Immortals’ funds? Do you know this is a crime?”

“Some netizens say your father and brother’s sentence is about to be announced, but you haven’t visited your father and brother after returning to the country. Instead, you ensnared Fu Mingxi and wreaked havoc at Shao Heng’s birthday party…”

“Get lost, all of you! Don’t you find it hot, bunching up together?” Big Dipper irritatedly waved his hands and pushed some reporters away.

Ye Wanwan smiled politely at everyone. “Apologies, but no comment.”

Ye Bai… What identity are you using to attend Stars Entertainment’s anniversary celebration tonight? The guest list of Stars Entertainment’s anniversary celebration was announced a long time ago, but you didn’t appear to have been included… May I ask if you used Fu Mingxi to come here to gather more knowledge or was there another reason?”

Ye Hongwei looked at the nearby Ye Wanwan and trembled with anger. “Disgraceful little b*stard…!”

Under Big Dipper and Seven Star’s devout protection, Ye Wanwan and Fu Mingxi soon arrived at the guest seating area.

Stars Entertainment’s anniversary celebration was being presented entirely through live stream.

Currently, all the forums were exploding with activity, especially after the reporters’ interviews. Many netizens declared they would remain nearby and block Ye Bai from leaving after the event ended.

The spite on the internet had encompassed every comer and was an abominable sight.

Aside from international artists from Stars Entertainment, there were also artists from Emperor Sky Entertainment and the Age of Immortals sitting in the guest area.

Luo Chen, Gong Xu, Jiang Yanran, and Han Xianyu were seated near the back and couldn’t make their way forward, so they were very worried when they saw Ye Wanwan sitting down next to Fu Mingxi at the front. They didn’t understand why Ye Wanwan would attend this kind of event at such a crucial time. Wasn’t she pushing herself into the heart of the storm…?

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