Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1792 - 1792 Attending in Sunday's best

1792 Attending in Sunday’s best

Fu Mingxi’s manager actually said Fu Mingxi hit Shao Heng because he wanted to…

“Say, are you bored off your ass all day long?”

Fu Mingxi’s manager expressionlessly continued, “Have you never fought? Have you never argued with someone?”

Then he ditched the reporters around him and fled without a trace.

“Ye Yiyi’s here!”

At that moment, an elaborately dressed Ye Yiyi appeared in front of everyone.

Next to Ye Yiyi was a man wearing a silver suit. The man had an aloof smile on his face as he stayed close to Ye Yiyi. “The CEO of the Gu Group, Ye Yiyi’s fiance-Gu Yueze—is also here…”

Aside from them, an elderly man also arrived with staff clustered around him.

“Even Mr. Ye Hongwei is here…”

Several reporters were surprised to see Ye Hongwei. Ye Hongwei was the chairman of the Ye Group but had receded from the public eye for many years due to his old age.

To the media, Stars Entertainment’s influence was terrifying immense indeed since even the long reclusive Ye Hongwei had to come in person to give his regards.

“Miss Ye! Mr. Gu!”

Many reporters swiftly rushed toward Ye Yiyi and Gu Yueze like a torrential river.

“Hello,” Ye Yiyi greeted the reporters with a smile.

“Miss Ye, we heard that Emperor Sky Entertainment and Stars Entertainment have reached an initial agreement and Stars Entertainment will invest huge funds to help Emperor Sky produce international artists. Is this true?”

Gu Yueze walked forward and quietly answered, “That’s right. We have started our collaboration with Stars Entertainment, and Stars Entertainment will soon become Emperor Sky Entertainment’s investor too.”

With Stars Entertainment’s support, Emperor Sky Entertainment would be able to leave China and enter the international scene and soar into success. From now on, Emperor Sky Entertainment’s number one position in China would be strengthened and become unshakable.

Ye Hongwei was also glowing with health and vigor and was immensely satisfied with Ye Yiyi and Gu Yueze.

“Oh right… Miss Ye, do you know what happened at Shao Heng’s birthday party yesterday…?” A reporter looked at Ye Yiyi.

Ye Hongwei’s expression instantly filled with displeasure.

“Eh… Of course I’ve heard tidbits of such a major matter…” Ye Yiyi replied with a nod.

“Everyone knows that Ye Bai is a member of the Ye family as well… Ye Bai previously embezzled the Age of Immortals’ funds. However, after Ye Bai returned, why wasn’t this account settled and an investigation into Ye Bai launched from the corresponding police department? Could it be that the Ye family helped Ye Bai make up the funds?”

“Yes.” Ye Yiyi nodded generously. “No matter what, Ye Bai is a member of the Ye family… Ye Bai’s father and brother have been arrested already, and we don’t want to see Ye Bai follow in their steps. I hope that everyone will stop pursuing this matter; Emperor Sky Entertainment has properly handled it.”

“Miss Ye is truly generous… but Ye Bai doesn’t seem too grateful. At Shao Heng’s birthday party yesterday, Fu Mingxi completely changed from his previous image and even started arguing with Shao Heng because of Ye Bai. News also leaked out later that Fu Mingxi assaulted Shao Heng because of Ye Bai. Now, both artists’ fans have started cursing Emperor Sky Entertainment and the Ye family on top of Ye Bai. What does the elderly sir have to say about this?” a reporter inquired as they walked toward Ye Hongwei.

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