Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1791 - 1791 The anniversary celebration begins

1791 The anniversary celebration begins 

After Shao Heng’s birthday party yesterday, public discussion had gone completely rampant, burrowing into every crevice.

Fu Mingxi and Shao Heng’s respective fans had also tumbled into a shouting mess.

Thankfully though, the livestream turned off before Shao Heng and Fu Mingxi started fighting or else the consequences would’ve been inconceivable.

Even so, Shao Heng and Fu Mingxi’s fans both labeled Ye Wanwan the culprit of this disaster.

At a certain popular forum in China:

[Tomorrow’s Hope: In the end, no matter how we fight, the cause of conflict between Shao Heng and our Mingxi was that shameless Ye Bail]

[Protect my Shao Heng: I was wondering—didn’t they say Ye Bai fled earlier? Why’s she back now and latched onto Fu Mingxi? Heh… It looks like Fu Mingxi’s taste is pretty meh. He’s seriously blind!]

[Angel and Devil: Didn’t they say Ye Bai fled after embezzling Age of Immortals’ funds… Why isn’t there anyone calling the police to arrest her now that she’s showed up? How could they allow this kind of woman to wreak havoc at Shao Heng’s birthday party? Before, Shao Heng had a wonderful relationship with Fu Mingxi, and they were close as brothers! Now, because of this lousy sl*t… I support doxxing her!]

[Protect my Shao Heng: A cheap sl*t like her only has money in her eyes! She must’ve gotten attracted to Fu Mingxi’s popularity. Heh, she probably also wants to seduce my Shao Heng or else why would Shao Heng and Fu Mingxi have started arguing…

[Also, it’s true that cheap sl*t embezzled the Age of Immortals’ funds, but there probably isn’t enough evidence to sue her… Anyway, this kind of woman is the scum of society’s food chain! People like her only know how to leech off other people’s hard work. If it wasn’t for her face, she would probably be begging on the streets right now!]

[Little Xixi: Stars’ anniversary celebration is about to begin in a moment, and they’re live broadcasting it… I heard Mingxi is actually bringing that woman there. Get ready for an explosion any second!]

Inside Stars Entertainment’s office, Zhou Tao sneered as he read the storm of abuse that enveloped the forum. These ignorant spectators were saying Ye Bai was hugging Fu Mingxi’s thigh…

Without sugarcoating it, it was actually Fu Mingxi who was latching onto Ye Bai’s thigh…

It was true that Fu Mingxi was the grandson of Stars’ boss, but who was Ye Bai…? Her hidden identity was the big boss of Star’s boss!

“Eh, just what are these netizens thinking? They don’t even know the whole situation but they started pounding on their keyboards to insult people…” Fu Mingxi’s manager asked as he turned to the nearby Big Dipper.

“Isn’t that normal…?” Big Dipper took a bite from the apple in his hand. “What’s there to fuss about? When I used a VPN to access the internet before, people frequently insulted my goddess. I’m used to it.”

“True. I have to see if Mingxi is ready.”

Fu Mingxi’s manager closed his laptop and left the lounge.

At the same time, at the venue for Stars’ anniversary celebration, countless media reporters had already arrived and were dispersed everywhere.

When Fu Mingxi’s manager arrived, they instantly surrounded him.

“Where’s Fu Mingxi?”

“At Shao Heng’s birthday party yesterday, there was news that Fu Mingxi hit Shao Heng because of Ye Bai. Is this true?”

“The internet previously said that Fu Mingxi and Shao Heng were friends, so why did Fu Mingxi hit Shao Heng? Was it really because of a woman?”

Fu Mingxi’s manager glanced at the numerous reporters and said with irritation, “Mingxi hit him because he wanted to. What? Is that not allowed?”

The reporters all looked at each other, bewildered and incredulous.

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