Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1790 - Attending as the boss of Stars Entertainment

Chapter 1790: Attending as the boss of Stars Entertainment

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“This is my first time seeing Fu Mingxi acting like this…”

“He probably took a fancy to Ye Bai.”

“Heh, I didn’t expect Ye Bai to have this wild card still. Truly not bad…”

In everyone’s eyes, Fu Mingxi acted like this because he had an affair with Ye Wanwan, and Ye Wanwan dared to return without any scruples and appear in public because she had support and latched onto a thick thigh like Fu Mingxi.

The birthday party ended earlier than planned and Fu Mingxi was taken away by policemen.

Around the evening, Ye Wanwan had Director Zhou step in and bail Fu Mingxi out and avoided all the reporters crouching nearby.

“Sorry for inconveniencing you, Bro Zhou,” Fu Mingxi said while looking at Director Zhou.

Director Zhou waved his hand. “What inconvenience is this? Shao Heng was the blind one. You could’ve hit Shao Heng until he was crippled if you wanted to, Mr. Fu. Shao Heng and his grandfather probably won’t want to stay with Stars anymore!”

What kind of cosmic joke was this? Fu Mingxi was the big boss’ grandson. If Shao Heng and his grandfather knew about Fu Mingxi’s identity, they would probably have to apologize on their knees.

“President Ye… Tomorrow is Stars’ anniversary celebration, so I hope you can attend…”

Director Zhou looked at Ye Wanwan with an ingratiating smile.

Ye Wanwan mulled it over before nodding.

Director Zhou was over the moon that Ye Wanwan agreed. This was the big boss’ boss! Being able to invite her to appear at Stars’ anniversary celebration was a great accomplishment on his part!

“Oh right, does Stars have business dealings with Emperor Sky Entertainment?” Ye Wanwan asked Director Zhou.

“We do have business dealings with them, President Ye… As you know, an entity like Emperor Sky has to offer a great amount of tributes to Stars Entertainment every year, so we also toss them a few suitable international assignments without much significance. Also, we own quite a bit of Emperor Sky Entertainment’s stocks and are considered their investors,” Director Zhou explained.

Stars Entertainment’s anniversary celebration happened to be held in China this year. During the celebration, big names in China’s entertainment industry like Ye Yiyi, Gu Yueze, and Yao Jiawen would all attend in their best attire.

Ye Wanwan naturally knew about this.

Now that Ye Wanwan had a springboard like Stars Corporation, many things would be easier to resolve. At Stars Entertainment’s anniversary celebration tomorrow, she would attend as Stars Corporation’s biggest boss.

Aside from the top artists in China’s entertainment industry, there would also be many international artists from other countries. The bigger the setting, the more interesting it would be, no?

At a different Stars branch in China:

An elderly man wore a dark expression on his face as he stared at the battered Shao Heng.

“Grandpa, that dogsh*t Fu Mingxi… you have to destroy him!” Shao Heng ferociously exclaimed.

“Hmph!” The elderly man snorted. “Tomorrow is Stars Entertainment’s anniversary celebration. At that time, I will publicly announce a ban on Fu Mingxi. Also, many international artists under Stars Entertainment will attend tomorrow, as well as Emperor Sky’s Ye Yiyi and her fiancé, the CEO of Gu Group, Gu Yueze. Don’t disgrace me.”

“I understand, Grandpa… Oh right, and that Ye Bai…” Shao Heng fumed with rage between gritted teeth.

“Don’t worry. I already had people spread news that Ye Bai sank her claws into Fu Mingxi… I will shatter their reputation and make them die tragically!” A frightening glint flashed in the elderly man’s eyes. An antique like Ye Bai actually dared to provoke his grandson and Stars Entertainment! She seriously didn’t know her limits!

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